WhatsApp Already Supports Group Video Calls Of Up To Eight People: How To Download The Latest Version And Make Them On Android And IOS

WhatsApp already supports group video calls of up to eight people how to download the latest version and make them on Android and iOS

A couple of days ago, it was leaked that WhatsApp would increase the maximum number of video calls and calls participants. A little later, the function came to iOS and Android in the beta and finally appeared in the stable version. WhatsApp allows you to make video calls with up to eight participants in the latest version of the app, so let’s see how to achieve it and what we must consider.

Now available on iOS and Android

First of all: how to get the new version. In the case of Android, the stable version that includes video calls with up to eight participants is already starting to reach the Google Play Store, but not all devices at once. We’re talking about version 2.20.141, and if it still doesn’t appear in the app store, you can get the APK from the company’s website. It will be enough to download and install it as normal.

On iOS, the process is similar. All we have to do is update the latest version of WhatsApp, which is as simple as going to the App Store and checking if we have a pending update. The latest version is 2.20.50, and its changelog reads as follows:

“From now on, group and video calls can have up to 8 participants.”

It may be the case that the version does not appear. For example, it has happened to us that we have received it on an iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 8 Plus but not on an iPhone 7. We have solved it by turning the device off and on. Be that as it may, in the hypothetical case that it does not appear, we will have to wait for it to do so because, in iOS, there is no simple method to install apps not in the App Store.

Requirements to take into account and how to start the video call

If we already have the update installed on the mobile, we will likely be unable to start making video calls with up to eight people. The reason is simple: every user who will participate in the video call must have the latest version of WhatsApp installed (2.20.50 on iOS, 2.20.141 on Android). If they do not have it, the limit will continue to be up to four people, so we will have to wait for the update to reach all devices.

That being said, how do you start a call or video call with up to eight participants? Very simple; just follow the steps below:

  • On Android: go to the “Calls” tab > click on the “+” icon in the lower right area > click on “New group call” > select the seven participants (there are eight, that is, us and seven more) and press the call or video call icon, depending on what we want to do.
  • On iOS: go to the “Calls” tab > click the “+” icon in the upper right area > select “New group call” > choose the seven contacts and click the call or video call icon, depending on what you want to do.

When starting a video call with five or more participants, the screen will be divided into up to eight rectangles where each user’s thumbnail will be displayed. It should be remembered that the stability of the call or video call will ultimately depend on each user has connection.