Why You Should Consider Smart City Networks

Smart City Networks

Smart City Networks is one of the most versatile and experienced providers of telecommunication, technology and utilities services for the convention and meeting industry in the U.S. The company has over 30 years of experience and operates more than 35 meeting and convention facilities across the country with over 17 million square feet of exhibit space.

The company offers a wide variety of services and facilities of different sizes. Therefore, whether you are seeking the development of a complex internet telecommunications and networking program for the facilities or simple high-speed internet connectivity, Smart City Networks has got you covered. Smart City Networks has a broad understanding supported by the long years in the industry that enable them to develop new technologies and anticipate new trends faster as compared to other companies.

Smart City Networks Products & Services

For several years, the demand for the latest technology has maintained an upward trajectory. Smart City engineering teams have designed, tested and installed some of the highest-functioning systems while trying to meet the demand in the industry. The company offers a highly-advanced network operations center and state-of-the-art ISP. With their products and services, the company provides the highest level of connectivity to their customers. Besides, they also boast of a great team of experts that provide high-quality services to their clients.

Smart City Networks provides a wide range of service in various categories, which include:

  • Meeting, Convention and Hotel Venues

The company has offered technology services for hospitality and meetings venues for over 30 years. With this level of experience, Smart City Networks shapes the industry.

Besides, Smart City Networks has also revolutionized the way attendees gain access and remain connected via customer service programs and their renowned technology. It was the first technology provider to venture into conventions and trade shows industry as well as to build and run permanent Wi-Fi systems.

Apart from being the first company to venture into the industry, Smart City Networks has also become commonplace for groundbreaking ideas among its peers. The company has continued to raise the standards by providing high-density Wi-Fi and location-based services and webcasting capabilities.

Moreover, the technology firm is also building and maintaining customized distributed antenna systems and launching a complete state-of-the-art digital signage program. They also boast of a team, which constantly works to deliver the latest innovative technology that meets and exceeds the demands set by their audiences and venue partners.

Why You Should Consider Working with Smart City Networks

Smart City Networks is a seasoned player in the hospitality industry, which means that they understand all your needs. The company has over 35 meeting and convention facilities across the country as well as a team of technical experts and engineers. With these resources, the company has what it takes to provide unmatched technology and services, great venue partners while creating a memorable experience for its clients.

Smart City Networks provide customized solutions that match the budget and capabilities of your facility when it comes to meeting, hotel venue partners and convention. In addition, the firm addresses the specific needs of your show exhibitors, managers, and attendees.

Smart City also provides a solution to those looking for maintenance and design of wired infrastructure. This also includes developing a wireless system that has the ability to accommodate several devices as well as overseeing the maintenance of utility services such as plumbing, electrical and telephone services.

  • Stadiums

With over 30 years of experience, Smart City offers one of the best design, maintenance, and installation of data systems and telecommunications for a wide range of venues that include stadiums, arenas, ballparks, outdoor venues, and theaters. Their team of experts has excellent knowledge to establish and configure a system for the venue regardless of your need.

When it comes to stadiums, the company offers design, maintenance, and installation of High-Density Wi-Fi. Besides, they also provide the latest technology in audio/visual and voice and the latest technology in location-based services, which enables to give a wonderful experience for the attendees.

Finally, Smart City also provides installation and design of Customized Distributed Antenna Systems, utility/electrical services, and computer/ telephone network engineering. It also offers monitoring and security for the stadium partners, which ensures that you are able to take benefit from the most sophisticated technology at all times.

Smart city network

  • Show Management Services

Apart from providing the latest technology, Smart City considers attendees as their guests who deserve the excellent treatment that you would envision at your event. Therefore, they are committed to ensuring that your event is a huge success.

Working with the company ensures that you are able to offer specialized incentives, pricing, as well as the most reliable networks.

Besides, Smart City helps maintain the peace of mind that can only be matched by a reliable technological partner. The company allows you enough time to focus on the needs of your guest as the show manager by ensuring that the technology runs smoothly in your event.

  • Exhibitors

If you want your event to be success, you should ensure that the exhibitors are satisfied with the services that they receive. Consequently, Smart City has taken a number of steps to ensure that this is achieved. These steps include their ability to offer beneficial and most reliable services to exhibitor customers, unique non-invasive sales processes and ability to provide constant connectivity.

With a wide range of services, exhibitors can enjoy a seamless technological experience. Therefore, regardless of whether the exhibitor requires custom network configurations and reliable Wi-Fi to maintain telephone services or digital connectivity. It also provides special electrical capabilities to provide space for the exhibition that you envision bringing in your event. Moreover, the company also provides a wide variety of utility services and office equipment rental for a great exhibition space.

  • Attendees

Smart City Networks is committed to offering the most reliable and one of the best connectivity during the events in the industry.

  • Digital Signage

Signage is another industry that has greatly grown towards the digital future, just like the meeting, conventions industry. Smart City provides a wide range of digital signage options to ensure that your event is a success.


Overall, Smart City Networks is the most versatile and experienced telecommunications, technology and utilities services for convention and meeting industry. The company offers a wide variety of services for facilities and events of all sizes. With the high level of experience and broad understanding of the industry, Smart City has managed to provide complex telecommunications and networking program for their facilities as well as high-speed internet connectivity.