5 Strategies That’ll Make Your Random Chat Partners Want to Stick Around


If there’s one thing you can say about random cam to cam chat, it’s that pretty much anyone can do it. As long as you have a webcam, an internet connection, and some free time, you can join the millions of people worldwide who are already online. If you choose a site like Camgo, it’ll take a matter of seconds between selecting “text” or “video” chat and connecting with your first chat partner.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need any special strategies in order to have countless enjoyable chats. However, they could come in handy all the same, especially if you feel like a lot of your chat partners don’t seem all that interested. It could just be an issue of mismatched personalities, or it could be a matter of overall presentation – after all, the first thing they have to go on is what they see on their screens. Even something as simple as having a low-quality webcam could be lowering your chances of keeping a chat partner around.

The good news is, the most basic problems are also the easiest to fix. Keep reading to find out what you could be doing wrong – and how to fix it.

5 Strategies That’ll Make Your Random Chat Partners Want to Stick Around

  1. Ask questions so they know you’re interested

Every good conversation requires the contribution of at least two people; if you’ve never met before, the chat would probably gravitate towards getting to know each other. If you only talk about yourself, though, your chat partner could start to suspect that you don’t really care about what they have to contribute.

The problem is, this is a very easy mistake to make. Even if you aren’t normally a self-absorbed person, it could easily appear that way simply because you forgot to lead the conversation with your own questions, rather than just going with the flow.

A small caveat: when you’re asking questions about your chat partner, avoid getting too specific. Not only could this seem odd, but it could also make you sound like an identity thief (something to look out for on random chat sites). Instead of something like “where do you work”, you could ask “what field do you work in”. The first one sounds a bit prying, but the second is a good way to break the ice and get to know your chat partner a little better.

  1. Read the room

Way too many people completely miss the fact that when your energy levels are different than your chat partner’s, it’s a recipe for a really awkward chat. Say for instance, that one of you has the energy of a 10-year-old who’s eaten too much sugar, while the other is extremely laid-back. The first person will wonder why their chat partner seems so bored, while the second person could be overwhelmed and unsure how to respond.

This isn’t to say that you have to misrepresent yourself in order to accommodate everyone you talk to; it’s just that you should consider how your energy levels will be interpreted by the person in front of you. If you think about it, you probably meet people in the middle like this all the time; you just have to make sure it happens during your random chat sessions as well.

  1. Come prepared

Making a positive first impression is great, but the good feelings won’t last long if you don’t have anything to back it up with. Circumstances are on your side, though; anything you contribute beyond basic conversation will make you look like a great chat partner. Just think of a few things that most people would be interested in, and you’re in business.

What could this look like? Here are a few ideas to try on for size.

  • Take turns improvising puns
  • Describe your dream vacations
  • Show each other your pets
  • Chat about your hobbies
  • Reminisce about comfort foods from your childhood that you still love eating

You can alter or expand any of these ideas as needed; the main thing is that you have something to throw out there if the chat needs a little extra pep. Best of all, the more ideas you try out, the better you’ll be at coming up with new ones.

  1. Pick a good environment for chatting

Random video chatting is one of those things that you can pretty much do anytime, anywhere – but this doesn’t mean that every type of environment is actually suitable for random chatting. For example, if you’re chatting from a place with a lot of background noise, your chat partners will be hearing whatever’s going on behind you just as much as they’re hearing you. If they’re struggling to understand everything you’re saying, they’ll probably just give up and find someone else. The same thing with excessive motion or activity that’s showing up on their screens – you should make sure that you’re the focal point, not whatever’s behind you.

  1. Be presentable

Think about it this way: if you’re going to some social event on a Saturday evening, you probably won’t show up in the same old sweater and sweatpants you’ve been lounging in all day. If you’re like most people, you’re going to change into something fresh and generally make yourself look decent.

The same principle applies to random video chatting, but there are a couple of other factors to consider besides just changing clothes and showering. A webcam that’s below 720p will likely make you look grainy or blurry, which automatically lowers the appeal for other chatters. Bad lighting can do the same thing. The point is, if you want to look good for random chatting…you’re going to have to look good. Just take care of whatever you can, and leave the results up to luck.

You won’t necessarily need to follow every suggestion here, but at least you can keep them in mind.

Everyone’s random video chat experience will be different, but one thing’s for sure – practice makes perfect, even for something as easy as video chatting. With these tips and a little time, you’ll soon feel like a pro!