All the Apps you can use in Android Auto: Complete Guide

  • Get more out of your car with Android Auto, thanks to the best applications you can download.
  • What is Android Auto, how to use it, and the best tricks

One of the great advantages of having a car compatible with Android Auto is the possibility of using our best apps directly on the car screen.

In this way, it is possible to get even more out of the infotainment system of our vehicle, using the apps and tools that we would normally use on the mobile.

Keep in mind, of course, that not all apps can be used in Android Auto. In this article, we list all the applications compatible with Android Auto, Google’s platform for cars that you can use in your car.

Other useful apps for Android Auto

Index of contents

  • Maps and radar apps
  • Radio apps and podcasts
  • Music apps
  • Apps to watch videos
  • Other useful apps

Maps and radar apps

The map applications for Android Auto are an essential addition that you cannot miss. It is probably the type of tool that you will use the most when driving, and these are the best you can find:

Maps and radar apps

Google maps

The maps and navigation app par excellence could not be absent from this selection. Of course, Google Maps is perfectly optimized to work with Android Auto and includes most of the functions that we find in the mobile version, such as speed camera warnings.


Another map app that you cannot miss is Waze. Google’s other maps and navigation app has a huge community of driving users, which are precisely those that make this one of the main driving platforms.

One of its advantages over Maps is the real-time warning of mobile speed cameras, accidents, obstacles on the road, construction sites, and much more.

Radio apps and podcasts

Radio apps and podcasts

If you have a car compatible with Android Auto, you can use the platform to listen to the radio instead of using the car. To do this, you only need one of the apps that exist on Google Play:

TuneIn Radio

One of the most popular radio apps is TuneIn, and it has its app dedicated to Android Auto. It has more than 100,000 different stations, as well as including news podcasts and music channels that you can listen to from your car.


As one of the most popular podcast platforms out there, Anchor couldn’t be left out of this selection. With this app owned by Spotify, you can explore and listen to thousands of podcasts on any subject, including our Android and technology podcast, Connecting.

Simple Radio

Its name says it all: with Simple Radio, you can listen to the radio in your car with Android Auto. Without complications.

It offers more than 50,000 different stations categorized by genre to make it easier for you to find your favorite radio station.

myTuner Radio

A famous radio app compatible with Android Auto is myTuner Radio. It allows access to thousands of stations through online radio, as well as AM and FM stations.

Podcast Addict

The famous Podcast Addict also has an app compatible with Android Auto. It is one of the most popular apps in its category, with more than 10 million downloads thanks to its combination of hundreds of thousands of podcasts, radio stations, and audiobooks that you can listen to anywhere. Including your car.

Pocket Casts

For many, Pocket Casts is one of the best podcasting apps out there. Especially since it can be downloaded for free. And of course, it is also one of the best podcast apps for Android Auto.

Google Podcasts

A simple alternative to Pocket Casts is Google Podcasts, Google’s official app for listening to thousands of podcasts in any language. And how could it be otherwise? This application is compatible with Android Auto.

Player FM

Users of the famous Player FM radio and podcast application can also use their favorite tool in cars with Android Auto. Its main virtue is the ability to listen to programs without the need for an Internet connection, as long as we have downloaded them before.

Podcast Republic

We continue talking about podcasts to find one of the most famous applications in its category: Podcasts Republic. According to its creators, the platform contains more than a million different podcasts, all of them accessible from your car with Android Auto.


The last podcast manager that we select in this list is AntennaPod, a free app to listen to programs from your mobile, which also offers the possibility of playing podcasts in the car with Android Auto.

Open Radio

To close the section on radio apps for Android Auto, we are talking about Open Radio, a tool that uses the Android Auto SDK to offer the best possible experience when playing live content from thousands of radio stations worldwide.

Before moving on to the next section, it is worth noting that in each country, it is possible to find different apps from the main local radio stations on Google Play, and some of them are compatible with Android Auto. You can check them all in the Android Auto apps section of Google Play.

Apps to listen to music

Apps to listen to music

A trip is much better if it is accompanied by good music. Therefore, in your car with Android Auto, you cannot miss one of the best music apps that exist on Google Play.


The music streaming platform par excellence, Spotify, has its official app compatible with Android Auto.

With it, you can browse your playlists, play your favorite songs, and much more from the vehicle screen.

Youtube music

How could it be otherwise? Google’s streaming music platform is compatible with Android Auto. So, if you have a YouTube Music account, you can download Android Auto on your mobile to listen to music in your car.


Many consider Deezer the best alternative to Spotify. And if you use the platform, you will be happy to know that it has an application that works with Android Auto.

Amazon Music

The streaming music platform from Amazon could not be absent either. Which, by the way, you can use for free with your Amazon Prime subscription, with more than 2 million songs at your disposal to listen to from the car.

JetAudio HD Music

One of the best music players for AndroidjetAudio HD, is compatible with Android Auto. With it, you can forget about streaming services and enjoy your music collection stored locally, in high fidelity, and without interruptions.

Music player

Another music player compatible with Android Auto that you can download for free. It has over 10 million installs on Google Play and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.


The famous VLC video player also has an app compatible with Android Auto. Of course, you will have to settle for playing only audio files.


It may not be the platform with the largest music catalog of all that exists, but 7digital deserves a place in this top of applications for Android Auto. With it, you can listen to thousands of songs streaming from your car through your mobile.


The famous DoubleTwist music player also has its application compatible with Android Auto, from which you can play your entire music catalog through the car speakers.


If you are one of those who save your music in the cloud, CloudPlayer for Android Auto may be the music player you need in your car. The app allows you to extract the music from different storage units in the cloud to listen to it anywhere.

Apps to watch videos

Currently, there are no applications on Google Play that allow you to watch videos on Android Auto since this practice can pose serious dangers for drivers.

With this in mind, it is worth mentioning that there is an app designed to watch videos on the car screen with Android Auto, although it is not free of problems.


Formerly known as YouTube Auto, CarStream is an app that allows you to play videos from any source on the car screen. That is the theory.

The reality is that since Google decided to block the installation of apps from sources outside of Google Play in Android Auto. Since it is not possible to install APK files in Android Auto, this app only works on mobiles with superuser or root permissions. To download it, you must access the project’s repository on GitHub.

Other useful apps for Android Auto

Other useful apps for Android Auto

Believe it or not, there are many other applications compatible with Android Auto that can be useful on the road and that do not fall into any of the previous categories. These are some of the best:


Yes, WhatsApp is compatible with Android Auto. Although you cannot use all the app’s functions, you can use it to reply to messages with your voice or read the latest messages received in conversations.


And in the same way that you can use WhatsApp in your car with Android Auto, you can also use Telegram. The paper plane’s messaging app is optimized to display and read messages and reply to them with our voice, without having to take our eyes off the road.

Press SMS

You can also view, read and reply to SMS in your car with Android Auto. To do this, you can use the official Google messaging app or similar alternatives such as Pulse SMS, one of the most used tools in its category.


Like WhatsApp and Telegram, Skype is also compatible with Android Auto. Of course, you can only view and respond to text messages received on the platform—no video call support – which makes sense, on the other hand.


The official Facebook messaging app is optimized for Android Auto. With it, you can view and reply to messages received on Messenger using the microphone in your car.


In addition to listening to music and podcasts from your car with Android Auto, you can also take advantage of your travels to enjoy audiobooks. For this, one of the best apps that work with Android Auto is Audible.

These are the best applications that you can install to use in your car with Android Auto. With time, new apps appear that promise to take full advantage of the system of our cars. We will update this list frequently with new releases.