7 Apps that you have to try now on your Android

The Google application store is a real box of surprises in which you can find jewelry in the form of apps. But to find you first have to search. If you do not know or do not have time to investigate the application store, we are here to do it for you and tell you which are the 7 for Android that you should try now. They are of different categories -sports, editing, reminders, etc.-, what are you waiting for to find that app that you will not stop using in the coming months?

Seven exciting apps that you have to try on your Android

Gaming Reminder

The video game market has a calendar full of releahat you don’t want to miss if you are a loyal follower. So that you don’t spend time writing down the release dates, Gaming Reminder is in charge of showing you the updated calendar with all the video game releases of the different consoles.

Play Store | Gaming Reminder

Upon entering the app, you will see a section called Upcoming Releases, which will show are the video game releases for each month of the year. In order not to be wrong with all the information, you can filter the results according to the console you have and the region in which you livAfterwardards, you can add the game you have been waiting for to your favorites list and configure notifications so that the app will notify you when it is released.


This app, which you can now use on your Android devices, is ideal mes when you don’t have an Internet connectiOfflineiner allows you to download websites, videos audiodios to be able to access them when you are offline. For example, if you give it a link to a YouTube vidOfflineiner will download it in high resolution so you can watch it offline.

Play Store | Offline

The absence of annoying ads is a point in favor of this app, although the too simple design and the possibility of making only one download every two hours play against it.


Today, there are dozens of Android applications dedicated to the image and video editing for Instagram Stories. HowevMoveouve opens the door to various templates, effects, and filters that will dramatically enhance your creations.

Play Store | Move

You can add creative text and music fonts to your chosen images to further personalize thIn. At the end, you have the option to share the result on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., although it will include a watermark unless you pay for the premium versionMoveouve.


Do you need maximum concentration to wriRuffruff is a word processor that lacks elements that can distract you when doing it, so it will be easier for you to put your five senses in writing. Saving content is also easy, just swipe to the right. In addition, you can access the files of your account from the different devices on which you use it.


In the Android applications, tore there are many apps to get in shape with your moile. However, you desire to train with maximum intensity; you will not find any similar to Hiitmi. This training app shows Crossfitsfit exercises, boxing, yoga, mixed martial arts, cardio, HIIT and other varieties.

Play Store | Hiitmi

With Him, you can create your training sessions and share them with other users. Plus, it’s ad-free, works directly with your music player, and gives you comprehensive exercise statistics.

LUCIDPIX 3D Photo Generator

Flood your gallery and social networks with 3D photos that you can easily create with this application. Although it can bit unstable because it is still in progress, LUCIDPIX works well to add dynamism to your images with the available 3D frames.

Play Store | LUCIDPIX 3D Photo Generator

Choose the frame you like the most, take the picture, then move the phone to see the full result. If you like the image, you can easily share it on other digital platforms.

Intro Maker

You don’t need to turn on your computer to create high-quality videos with some effects. For that, there is Intro Maker, a video editor for Android with professional tools, animations, temples, ate,s, and other effects that will help you do a great audiovisual job just using your mobile.