8 professional apps to create your own movie only with your Android mobile

Your phone is a perfect tool to create your movie without reaching for the computer. We know that there are suitable applications to watch movies on Android, but we want this time to make your feature film using only your mobile.

The remarkable advances in smartphone cameras have recorded this quality audiovisual material for a movie. However, it is time for you to know more tools that will allow you to carry out the pre-production, production, and post-production of the film only with the help of your Android mobile.

Eight professional apps to create movies with your Android mobile

DubScript Screen Writer

The first step in making a film is to have an audiovisual script. The best app to do it with your mobile is DubScript Screen Writer, available in the Google Play Store for free, although to enjoy extra functions, you have to subscribe to the pro version.

This app allows you to add scenes in INT/EXT, capitalize the characters’ names, integrate double space between dialogues, and have more details characteristic of the audiovisual script format. Google Docs or Microsoft Word are other exciting apps to write scripts with your mobile, although DubScript Screen Writer will allow you to create a more professional text and download it later in PDF or .fdx.

Sun Surveyor

You can’t create a good movie without a well-planned pre-production phase. To your imagination and experience, you can add the help of external tools such as Sun Surveyor, an app that predicts the positions of the Sun and the Moon to make perfect plans just as you had thought.

Have you ever imagined a scene just as the sun is setting? Check out the information in Sun Surveyor, which will help you find the right angle to make the plan in the location you have in mind. In addition, this app has other functions such as an augmented reality camera, a 3D compass, a view of the Milky Way and its center, and a view map.

TimeLapse Calculator

We already know how to make a timelapse on Android, and now you can also calculate different parameters to take the perfect shot, thanks to the information provided by TimeLapse Calculator. By telling you some information about the picture you want to record, this free app on the Play Store will give you additional information so that the images come out just as you wish.

The recording interval, the duration of the event, and the length of the clip are the parameters that the app recommends when you tell it how you want to make the timelapse. In addition, it also has information on commonly used time intervals, such as sunsets or cloud movements.

Mark – Clapperboard Simplified

Once you have all the shoot details ready, it’s time to start recording. To do this, you must have a clapperboard that marks the beginning of each take, but do you have one of these? You don’t need to buy it; Mark – Clapperboard is an app that fulfills the same function on your mobile, so you have to download it and start using it.

This app indicates which shots and scenes are being shot and plays a recognizable sound when recording begins, making it easy for editors to sync video and audio. Mark – Clapperboard is not complicated as it is a simple app that only pretends to have this function.


“The most powerful video editor on the market” is how its developers define this app. After recording the audiovisual material with its partner, ActionDirector, or with the phone’s camera, it’s time to move on to editing with PowerDirector. You can add effects and titles to the images to export them to YouTube or the platform you want to choose.

The success of this editor is based on the multiple functions it offers you: add photos and audio tracks to the video, add almost a hundred effects (including transitions), professionally modify the clips thanks to the timeline, export images in HD or Full HD/4K, etc.

In summary, ActionDirector and PowerDirector allow you to record the video, import the clips, edit them quickly and easily by adding filters and, finally, export them to publish them wherever you want. If you’re going to use them, you can do so by downloading them from the Google app store .

Adobe Premiere Clip

In the video editing section, one of the best-known tools in the sector, Adobe Premiere, could not be missing. Its version for Android offers a fast and straightforward edition to create projects that can later be shared through social networks.

Automatic video creation, advanced video editing, photo movement, and excellent sound quality are some of the other features that guarantee the work of Adobe Premiere Clip. As you can see in the following video, this app may not be as powerful as PowerDirector, but it does its job in quick editing.

FilMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is placed among the best options for more complete and advanced editing, especially for good audio editing. This app has dual-arc sliders for adjusting focus and exposure, zoom level control, white balance adjustment matrix, and live shadow and highlight adjustments as standout features to perfect recorded images.

As for the sound, FiLMiC Pro allows audio control from headphones, dynamic audio measurement, audio gain adjustment, and support for an external microphone. As an interesting detail, this app also can choose between different resolutions and aspect ratios.

Easy Release Pro

Once your film has been recorded and edited, it is time to launch it on the market if you wish. To do it properly without being harmed, you must take care of the legal issue. This is where Easy Release Pro comes in, an app that helps you write and sign release templates by collecting all the data and allowing signing right in the app.

Easy Release Pro is only valid for small projects where a lawyer’s work is not necessary. Available in 17 languages, this app is paid, so you will have to invest some money if you want to use it regularly.

All the professional apps listed so far can become great helpers in your film’s pre-production, production, and post-production stages. You see, only your Android mobile, imagination, and desire are necessary to start or continue your path in the audiovisual world.