AceStream for Android, what it is and how to install the app to watch streaming videos

  • Discover everything you can do with AceStream, the application

If you’ve ever wanted to stream video outside of the most popular platforms – like YouTube, Netflix, or Prime Video – you may have found yourself needing something called AceStream.

If you are not too familiar with this system, but you find yourself in the situation of having to use it to be able to watch a video over the Internet, we are going to explain what Ace Stream is and what this tool is for, which, by the way, has its own Android application.

AceStream for Android what it is and how to install the app to watch streaming videos

What is Ace Stream, and what is it for?

Ace Stream is a multimedia platform, something similar to what Kodi could be. The difference is that AceStream is based on P2P or peer-to-peer technology, so content is transmitted directly between users. For this, BitTorrent technology is used.

The main use of Ace Stream is to broadcast live events or content over the Internet. To do this, since the protocol acts as a server and a client simultaneously, users who play a video using Ace Stream are also downloading the content of other peers and uploading it so that the rest of the members of the network can access it…

Taking this into account, it can be deduced that the greater the number of users using the service, the better the quality of the retransmissions.

What is Ace Stream and what is it for

In addition to that, Ace Stream takes its chest out of offering video and audio quality far superior to that of platforms such as YouTube, with a level of video quality up to ten times better thanks to P2P technology.

It is worth noting that Ace Stream is a totally legal and safe program, which can be used for many purposes. For example, it can broadcast local content to other devices in our family unit and access them from anywhere.

However, in recent years the use of Ace Stream has proliferated for the consumption of content protected by copyright, such as movies, series, or sporting events. In that sense, using Ace Stream to watch football online has become a common practice, but it is still illegal.

AceStream versions and how to install on Android step by step

Ace Stream has several different versions available. The most common thing is to install the Ace Stream service on our computer and later install the browser extension that allows us to play the content online.

It is essential to download Ace Stream only from the official website of the project since, in recent years, there have been scams and computer attacks that pose as Ace Stream to infect users’ devices.

If you download Ace Stream from the link we provide below these lines, you will not have any problem, and you can be sure that the application is original.

Download Ace Stream

That is in the case of Windows. On Android, there is also a version of Ace Stream available to be downloaded on Google Play.

The Android application enables us to play video and audio hosted on the network, as long as we have the exact address or on a remote device.

Ace Stream for Android has its own video player, capable of opening multimedia files of various formats, as well as playing content on the Internet using the most used protocols, and without the need to install codecs or third-party add-ons.

In addition to that, there is also an Ace Stream app to watch live television. Its name is Ace Stream Live TV, and it is a utility intended for use on Android TV or Android TV Box devices.

The app, of course, does not include television channels or video sources, but these must be added from OTT or IPTV services.