All the Xiaomi apps that you can download on Google Play, and what each one is for

Before becoming one of the companies that sell the most mobile phones globally, Xiaomi specialized in Internet software and services. With time, the brand was covering more and more fields until it became a very versatile company, which has even sold products as strange as massagers, through fishing rods and even padlocks with fingerprints.

However, Xiaomi has not forgotten about the software. The Pekingese not only develops its Android-based operating system with which it provides the vast majority of its terminals but has also developed a good collection of accompanying apps. Some of them are even available to be downloaded through Google Play on other devices beyond Xiaomi’s terminals.

Xiaomi apps that you can download on Google Play on (almost) any mobile


Xiaomi apps that you can download on Google Play on almost any mobileOne of the last to arrive is, in turn, one of the best Xiaomi apps that can be installed from Google Play. Mint Browser is a web browser for Android that stands out for its simplicity and lightness, as it showed us in its analysis.

Its functions include the possibility of synchronizing bookmarks and data through our Mi account, as well as a dark mode that changes the colors of the interface to dark gray. Its repertoire of features, coupled with extreme browsing speed, has made it one of our favorite web browsers for Android.

File Manager by Xiaomi

File Manager by XiaomiThere are many file explorers for Android, and among all of them, Xiaomi File Manager is one of the most complete that we can find.

The app has interesting functions such as automatic file categorization, available and busy storage statistics, precise search, and even a cleaning manager that takes care of freeing up mobile space for us.

Mint Launcher

Mint LauncherMint Launcher, the launcher from Xiaomi, is the perfect customization app for lovers of MIUI aesthetics. Like the rest of the launchers available on Google PlayMint Launcher modifies the appearance of the home screen. It offers customization functions such as support for icon packs, different animations to choose from, and much more.

LITTLE Launcher

LITTLE LauncherAnd if the launcher of Xiaomi mobile phones has its place in Google Play, the one included in the POCO F1 could not be absent either. The so-called POCO Launcher brings the affordable high-end mobile experience of the Xiaomi sub-brand to any device, with functions such as automatic organization of applications, quick search, or customization through third-party icon packs.

My Home

My HomeWithin Xiaomi’s extensive product catalog, we can find devices designed to build a digital home, all of them included under the MIiHome family. And to control them, the company offers an app with the same name, designed to configure, connect and control all these home automation devices.

My Fit

My FitThose who have a Mi Band bracelet or an Amazfit watch will be more than familiar with Mi Fit, Xiaomi’s application intended to be used with their wearables. It is possible to observe the statistics of our physical activity, configure alarms and notifications, and more.

My Remote Controller

My Remote ControllerAnother Xiaomi app that allows you to control devices from your mobile is Mi Remote Controller. However, in this case, we are facing a somewhat different app since it allows you to control devices of the brand itself.

It is intended to operate any television, air conditioner, or other controllable equipment through the smartphone’s infrared emitter – as long as you have one. It also allows you to control the Mi TV or Mi TV Box devices.

My Drop

Another of Xiaomi’s useful tools on Google Play is Mi Drop. We already talked in more detail about this app, which allows you to transfer files between devices without an Internet connection and wirelessly. At speed, according to the brand, 200 times faster than using Bluetooth technology.

My Wi-Fi

My Wi FiLike Mi Fit, but for Xiaomi rputers . The My Wi-Fi application is the tool designed to control Wi-Fi through one of the brand’s network devices, offering the possibility of viewing connected devices, accessing equipment storage, and more.

My Calculator

My CalculatorThe calculator Xiaomi is one of the essential apps that includes brand on their mobile, and now can also be downloaded and installed on Android devices of any brand. It is an easy-to-use app and not very different from the other applications in its category. However, it does include interesting features such as a scientific calculator, currency, age, percentages, dates, and more.

My Community

For Xiaomi, staying close to its user community is essential. That is why it is not surprising that the firm offers them all the facilities when it comes to keeping in touch with the rest of the members and the Xiaomi team itself.

My Community is the official application of the Xiaomi forums, from which you can chat with other members of the community, stay informed about news, and participate in weekly contests.

My Store

My StoreThe brand is betting stronger than ever on physical stores, which does not mean that it has forgotten about online sales, far from it. Xiaomi has its official Mi Store app from which anyone can buy the brand’s devices.