Best Ways To Use Stickers On Instagram Stories


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Are you trying to increase your engagement rate on Instagram? If so, utilising the Instagram Stories feature is the best option to promote your brand more creatively and authentically on the platform. Since its launch Stories feature is becoming an integral part of the marketing strategy. In addition, its lifespan is 24-hours, which powerfully makes users take action on your posts. 

If you utilise Instagram Stories, never ignore Instagram stickers to best stand on the platform. It is the aesthetic add-ons that interact with the people at the right time and help acquire a new audience base for your brand. Therefore, you can achieve a variety of marketing goals. 

Now, start to generate huge traffic by leveraging the instagram smm panel that helps you  uplift your business reach and increase your followers. Moreover, it helps to increase engagement and boost revenue for your business in a short period. Read this article to know the excellent ways to utilise stickers On Instagram Stories. 

What Exactly Are Instagram Stickers?

Instagram stickers are the graphic images included in your image or video posts. It portrays your emotions in the form of interactive elements or designs. For example, stickers are in the form of a bunch of flowers, lightning bolts to fireworks. At the same time, through Instagram stickers, you can ask questions and create polls to interact with your audience. In contrast, perfect stickers for your brands open new opportunities for digital engagement and enhance brand awareness. There is a wide array of Instagram stickers, they are:

  • Hashtag stickers 
  • Poll stickers
  • Question stickers
  • Mention stickers
  • Location stickers 
  • Music stickers
  • GIFs
  • Countdown stickers 
  • Emoji sliders
  • Shoppable tags etc.

Get to know that Instagram Stories are great for increasing engagement. Even more, brands boost their engagement by leveraging FamousPanel that instantly broadens the brand’s reach and increases your brand’s sales. 

How To Use Instagram Stickers?

Instagram stickers are used to interact with people and increase engagement. Here let’s explore a few tips to use it effectively.

  1. Share Context

You may have heard a phrase that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. However, to immediately get the audience’s attention, you can include context clues. An eye-appealing photo will stand out in the crowd, but to add value, have an event hashtag sticker where it makes the users look over your photos and take the specific action over it. 

  1. Promote Live Streams

Do you want to intimate your followers when you are going live? If so, use Countdown stickers that grab their attention. If you are on live, it makes more people watch your live streaming that makes sense to boost up your brand awareness. 

  1. Set Reminders

Instagram stickers act as a great reminder tool, and more practically, it makes your fans engaged. It is a great way to make the users aware of the special offers and the memorable events. 

  1. Promote Attractive Deals

As a brand, it’s sure that you offer exciting deals at a particular period or occasion. One-day sales or deals at a specific time are known as time-sensitive events that excite the users and instantly make them purchase the brand. 

  1. Answer FAQs

Do you want to know your customers’ reviews about your product? Then, utilising the question stickers and the polls stickers is the right way that offers brand new opportunities to learn the details. Question stickers hit your audience and will help you to get direct feedback. Moreover, you can also use the mention stickers to share your questions with the targeted customers. 

  1. Sneak Peek New Products

Are you excited about your new product launch? If so, shoppable tags are the best way to go for brands. Utilising shoppable tags, you can feature your new products and trigger audience interest to purchase the product. Moreover, to sell more on Instagram, FamousPanel helps you make your posts more visible to potential customers. 

  1. Promote CTAs

Instagram stickers are a great feature to drive enough traffic in a fun and entertaining way. You can even promote your CTAs that land your customers on the specific page and increase organic traffic for your website. In addition, it humanises your brand and increases your brand’s engagement, which uplifts your business.

Advantages Of Instagram Stickers

Instagram stickers are fun to use and get closer to your customers. It makes the users aware of your posts and increases engagement. There are a lot of benefits you can experience if you utilise Instagram stickers. Here let’s know the few benefits of using Instagram stickers. 

  • Increases Engagement: Stickers like polls and questions interact well with your audience, and they love to make a conversation with your posts. 
  • Build Brand Identity: Utilising stickers like GIFs and music, you can show your brand’s personality. Also, you can hone recognition and make your brand stand out on the platform. 
  • Increases Discoverability: Hashtags, location, and mention stickers in Stories offer an excellent opportunity to help the new users and relevant audiences discover your brand. 

Summing It Up

Overall, utilising stickers on Instagram Stories makes your posts incredibly memorable and engaging. So just follow the above tips and, in the best way. Therefore can make your brand more familiar to the audience and get a massive response from the users. It results in building a long-lasting relationship with the customers and increasing the ROI of your brand.