GMT Centrum Review – Intuitive Trading Tools and Robust Investment Opportunities


GMT Centrum Review


Account Minimum: $0

Products: Stocks, ETFs, Options, Crypto, Bonds, Forex, and Commodities

Fees: $0 for stocks and ETFs


GMT Centrum has been a distinguished brokerage in the industry for quite some time now. That has enabled them to change various aspects of their trading practices and policies to attract professional traders and beginner investors. GMT Centrum boasts multiple trading platforms and a vast selection of trading instruments for all types of traders and investors. The broker also offers rich educational resources for all levels of traders. However, trading accounts are limited to specific countries, and the pricing mechanism is a bit complex.


  • Intuitive trading platforms
  • Robust product offerings
  • Broader market access
  • Rich educational offerings


  • Trading platforms inaccessible in some countries
  • Complex pricing mechanisms can be confusing

Pros Explained 

Intuitive trading platforms 

GMT Centrum supports three trading platforms; desktop, web and mobile versions. The platforms boast similar tools and functions that streamline the overall user experience for all traders. The web and mobile versions have a basic appeal for beginners and casual traders, while the desktop version is suitable for professionals.

Robust product offerings 

One of the key benefits of trading with GMT Centrum is that it gives you access to a broader selection of investment products. The broker’s offerings comprise an extensive mix of conventional assets, new asset classes, and fixed-income products. That enables you to pursue your intended investment goals.

Broader market access 

Investing with GMT Centrum also allows you access to several local and global markets. That makes it an excellent platform for traders and investors looking to diversify their investments across multiple markets and industries.

Rich educational offerings 

GMT Centrum provides extensive educational resources in multiple formats, including videos, articles, live and recorded webinars, and infographics. That enables you to avoid common trading risks and boost your chances of profitability.

Cons Explained 

Trading platforms are inaccessible in some regions 

Although GMT Centrum boasts broader market access and accepts clients from multiple countries, it is not a global brokerage.

Complex pricing mechanism 

GMT Centrum allows zero commissions stock and ETF trading. However, other trades and transactions on the platform attract different fees and margin interest rates. So, carefully check the comprehensive pricing schedule before making any trades.

Product Offerings 

GMT Centrum has an all-inclusive portfolio that combines a more comprehensive selection of investment products for all traders. Its product offerings consider the varying needs of beginners, casual investors, and active traders. The various products make GMT Centrum an excellent platform for retail traders and institutional investors.

  • Stocks (Long and short)
  • Options
  • ETFs
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Bonds

The above products are available to all clients on GMT Centrum desktop, web, and mobile. Besides, you can trade the chosen products at more than 100 local and international market centers.

Trading Experience 

GMT Centrum offers an intuitive trading experience with easy-to-use trading platforms for different types of traders. The onboarding process is straightforward and similar across all the platforms. GMT Centrum has equipped its desktop, web, and mobile versions with nearly similar features to streamline the experience for all users.

Traders have access to robust fundamental and technical tools across all the versions. However, the desktop platform offers more functionality than the web and mobile platforms. You can customize the layout, assign hotkeys for navigation, create shortcuts, and set up trade defaults on the desktop. It also supports conditional orders, which are not accessible on the web and mobile versions.

The GMT Centrum’s web and mobile platforms suit the needs of casual traders and beginners. They offer various tools and features, including charts, data streaming, multi-leg options, trading idea generators, screeners, calculators and evaluators, news, and research.


Here’s a rundown of GMT Centrum’s fees and commissions

  • No commissions for stock ad ETF trading
  • $1 per contract Options fee
  • Zero fees for domestic wires, account inactivity, checks, and account closure

Other fees and margin interest rates apply, but GMT Centrum uses a relatively complex pricing mechanism based on tiers and per-contract basis. So, confirm the fees before placing any orders on the platform.

Who GMT Centrum Is Best For 

GMT Centrum shines with multiple intuitive trading platforms, robust product offerings, broader market access, and rich educational content. It has a streamlined approach to online investing, ideal for beginners, casual investors, and active traders. Contact them for more information.