How To Block A Phone Number On Mobile

How to block a phone number on mobile

We are going to explain how to block a phone number on your mobile so that it stops bothering you. Thus, when they call you from certain telephone numbers, the call will be automatically rejected and you will not receive any tone or notification.

Traditionally, to prevent a phone number from calling you, you had to contact your phone company to block it. Nowadays, with smartphones, you can do it yourself. We will see how you can block a phone number on an Android mobile and an iPhone.

Block a number on Android

Most Android phones include the functionality to block phone numbers. The problem is that the implementation is different so the steps may vary slightly. The above capture is a Samsung phone, although the method is pretty much the same on other brands. First, open the Phone app and tap on the options button.

From the dropdown menu, choose Settings. Once again, remember that the appearance of these menus and even the texts may vary slightly from one Android to another. On pure Android (Nexus, Pixel, Xiaomi Mi A1, and others), the menu is called the same, but for example, on an ASUS phone, it is slightly different.

Already in the settings of the phone application, you should find a submenu called Block Numbers or similar. It would be impossible for us to describe the exact menus in the hundreds of variants out there, so I’m afraid you’ll have to patiently search for a related option if it’s not called exactly that.

Here you can already write the phone number you want to block. If the number corresponds to that of a contact, you can tap on the icon next to the box to choose it from your contacts. If you want to block calls with a hidden number, turn on Block Unknown Callers.

When you block a number, their calls go directly to voicemail, if you have it turned on. You do not receive any notification of the call.

Block a number on an iPhone

If you have an iPhone you can also block phone numbers so they can’t call you. There are several ways to achieve this: we will do it from the settings. To do this, open the System Settings and then go to the Phone section.

Among the settings related to the phone, the one we are interested in this time is Blocking and Caller ID. From here you can see who you have blocked, block new contacts, or re-admit a contact that you had blocked.

On the next screen, you will see a list of the contacts that you have blocked, if any. In either case, tap Block Contact… to open the iPhone Contacts picker.

Choose the contact you want to block from your contact list and tap on him. This will put them on the blocked list and they won’t be able to call you on the phone, text you in iMessage, or call you on FaceTime. Calls will go directly to voicemail if you have it activated.