How to Download OnlyFans Videos: All You Need to Know


OnlyFans has become a popular platform for content creators to share exclusive videos and photos with their subscribers. While this content is meant to be private, there are various legitimate reasons why you might want to download it. In this article, we’ll explore how to download OnlyFans videos, including using dedicated downloader software, web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, online video downloader tools, and programming via GitHub.

How to Download OnlyFans Videos All You Need to Know

How to Download OnlyFans Videos?

Here are the top 5 ways to download OnlyFans videos and watch them offline.

Method 1: Via Downloader Software

You can find different dedicated software solutions tailored to the task of downloading content from OnlyFans, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. Below are the detailed steps to utilize this downloader software:

Download the Software: To get started, download a OnlyFans-dedicated software from a reputable source to guarantee its authenticity and functionality.

Install and Launch the Software: Once the downloader is downloaded to your computer, proceed with the installation process. This typically involves following on-screen instructions, specifying installation preferences, and choosing a suitable directory for installing the program. After a successful installation, launch the application.

Log in to Your OnlyFans Account: Within the downloader software interface, you’ll find a dedicated login option to OnlyFans. Enter your OnlyFans account credentials, ensuring they are accurate and up-to-date. This step is essential to gain access to your subscribed content.

Browse and Select the Content: With your OnlyFans account authenticated, you can now browse through your subscribed content. The software provides an organized interface that mirrors your OnlyFans feed, making it easy to locate the specific content you wish to download. Simply click on the desired post or video to select it.

Initiate the Download: Once you’ve selected the content, a download button or option will be readily available within the software interface. Click this button to start the download process. The software will begin retrieving the content from OnlyFans and saving it to your computer.

Download Completion: Depending on the size and duration of the content, the download may take a few moments to complete.

Method 2: Via Chrome

For users who prefer not to install additional software, downloading OnlyFans videos using Google Chrome is a feasible and straightforward approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this:

Open Google Chrome: Begin by launching your Google Chrome web browser, which is widely used and accessible on various devices and platforms.

Method 2 Via Chrome

Log in to Your OnlyFans Account: Visit the OnlyFans website and log in to your account using your valid credentials. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to access the content you wish to download.

Navigate to the Desired Content: Once logged in, navigate to the specific post or video on OnlyFans that you want to download. Click on it to open and play the content.

Access the Developer Console: Right-click anywhere on the page displaying the content, and a context menu will appear. From this menu, select “Inspect.” This action will open the developer console, a tool used for various web development purposes.

Go to the “Network” Tab: Within the developer console, you’ll find multiple tabs at the top. Click on the “Network” tab to access network-related information and activities.

Play the Video: Return to the OnlyFans page and play the video content you wish to download. This will trigger network activity in the developer console.

Identify the Video File: As the video plays, the developer console will display network activity in real-time. Look for a file with a .mp4 extension in the list of network requests. This file represents the video you’re streaming.

Open the Video in a New Tab: Right-click on the identified .mp4 file in the network activity list and select “Open in new tab.” This will open a new browser tab specifically for the video.

Save the Video: With the video now in its tab, right-click on it and choose “Save video as” from the context menu. This action will prompt you to specify the location on your computer where you want to save the video and give it a filename. Once you’ve made these selections, click “Save” to initiate the download.

Method 3: Via Firefox Extension

Firefox users can simplify the process of downloading OnlyFans content by utilizing the “Video DownloadHelper” extension available from the Firefox Add-ons website. Here’s a concise guide on how to use this handy tool:

Install “Video DownloadHelper” Extension: Begin by visiting the Firefox Add-ons website and installing the “Video DownloadHelper” extension to your Firefox browser. Ensure you download it from the official Firefox add-on source for security and functionality.

Log In to Your OnlyFans Account: Open Firefox and login to your OnlyFans account. Make sure you have the necessary access rights for the content you intend to download.

Navigate to Desired Content: Once logged in, locate the specific post or video on OnlyFans that you want to download. Click on the content to open and view it.

Access the “Video DownloadHelper” Icon: In your Firefox browser toolbar, you’ll find the “Video DownloadHelper” icon. Click on this icon to initiate the download process.

Select Video Quality and Format: After clicking the icon, a menu will appear. Here, you can choose your preferred video quality and format based on the available options.

Initiate the Download: Once you’ve selected your desired settings, click the “Download” option within the “Video DownloadHelper” menu. This action will prompt the extension to start downloading the chosen content.

Method 4: Via Programming (GitHub)

For those comfortable with programming, downloading OnlyFans content can be achieved using a Python script available on GitHub. Here’s a brief overview of the steps involved:

Visit the GitHub Page: Start by visiting the GitHub page of the OnlyFansDownloader project, where you’ll find the necessary script for this task.

Download the Python Script: Download the Python script provided on the GitHub page to your computer. Ensure you have Python installed on your system to execute the script.

Open the Command Prompt or Terminal: Access the command prompt (Windows) or terminal (macOS and Linux) on your computer. This is where you’ll interact with the Python script.

Navigate to the Script Directory: Use the ‘cd’ command to navigate to the directory where you saved the downloaded Python script. This step is crucial for executing the script.

Run the Script: Execute the Python script by entering the command `python` in the command prompt or terminal. This command initiates the script and prepares it for use.

Follow On-Screen Instructions: The Python script will provide on-screen instructions. You’ll be prompted to log in to your OnlyFans account and specify the content you wish to download. Follow these instructions carefully to complete the download process.

Method 5: Via Third-Party Online Video Downloaders

There are many online tools that simplifies the process of downloading videos from various websites, including OnlyFans. Here’s a concise guide on how to use these web-based tools for this purpose:

Visit the Online Downloader’s Website: Start by opening your browser and navigating to a web-based video downloader’s website, which provides a user-friendly interface for downloading videos from OnlyFans.

Paste the URL: Copy the URL of the OnlyFans video you wish to download and paste it into the designated field on the downloader website.

Initiate the Download: After pasting the URL, click the “Download” button. The online video downloader will begin processing the link and preparing it for download.

Select Video Quality and Format: These tools typically offer options to choose your preferred video quality and format. Customize these settings based on your requirements and preferences.

Start the Download: Once you’ve made your quality and format selections, click the “Download” button again. The respective tool will commence the downloading process, saving the video to your device.


Now you have the answer to how to download OnlyFans videos. It can be done using various methods, depending on your preferences and technical skills. It’s important to use these methods responsibly and respect the content creators’ rights and privacy. Always ensure you have the necessary permissions to download and use the content in question and be aware of the legal implications in your jurisdiction.