How To Find Out Your Social Security Number Online

We are going to explain how to find out your Social Security affiliation number through the Internet so that if you do not have physical access to this number you can quickly consult it whenever you want. It is a fairly quick process that you will be able to do at the Social Security Electronic Office requesting a report on your current situation or directly asking for the number there.

We all have a Social Security number, and it’s the one you have on the back of the SIP. But when you start working, you are given an affiliation number, which is what you may be asked to carry out procedures or when signing up for a new job. You can obtain this number by calling 901502050 whenever you want, in your employment contract or on the Internet by following the steps that we tell you now.

How To Find Out Your Social Security Number Online

Get your Social Security number

The first thing you have to do is enter the website of the Social Security Electronic Office, which is Once inside, you have to enter the Reports and Certificates section that appears when you click on the Citizens tab.

Within the Reports and Certificates section, you have a long list of all the types of information you can obtain. In this list, find and click on Social Security Number Query. You can press Control + F in the browser to open its search engine and search for that term to quickly find it on the web.

When you click on Report on the current situation of the worker, a window called Direct Access to Procedures will open below. In it, you have to choose the method to verify your identity and thus be able to access your data, such as the electronic certificate or the Cl@ve PIN. When you click on one, the browser will take you to the procedure or open a window to confirm the certificate you want to use.

Depending on the method to verify the identity that you have chosen, the process will show you one or another window to complete it. We have used our electronic certificate, so a browser window simply opens, and if we have it installed in it, all that remains is to select it and click OK.

Now, an informative window will appear explaining that you already have your report with the Social Security number prepared. Here you just have to close the window to access the rest of the web below and to close it, click on the X at the top right.

When you enter the page that has been generated, you can do two things. At the top right, you will already have your social security number indicated, but you can also click on the generated report to open the PDF file that you can later download and print.