How to have Spotify Premium cheaper than normal

  • All the ways you can get cheaper Spotify Premium.

Would you like to enjoy Spotify’s premium service at a much lower price? Today we are going to tell you about different ways to get the Spotify Premium subscription at a much lower price than you would normally pay.

The Spotify Premium plan costs 9.99 euros per month in Spain, a price that can be substantially reduced with a series of valid and legal methodsLet’s see what they are!

Spotify shared plans: save by sharing account

Spotify shared plans save by sharing account

In addition to the individual Spotify Premium plan, there are plans for two or more users that allow you to reduce the monthly cut by sharing the payment with another person. You have to talk to your partner, your family or your friends to pay less.

These are the sharing plans that Spotify offers:

Spot Duo Plan

The Spotify Duo plan subscription includes:

  • Two Premium accounts for people who live under the same roof.
  • It also includes Duo Mix, a playlist for two that is periodically updated with the music that both of you like the most.
  • Of course, the Premium rate gives you the possibility to enjoy music without ads, offline and on-demand.

If you live in Spain, the price of this plan is 12.99 euros per month, which reduces the rate to 6.50 euros per person and month.

Spotify Family Plan

Spotify Student Plan

If you are looking to have cheap Spotify Premium, without a doubt, the Family plan is the best option. With this subscription, you can have:

  • Up to 6 Premium accounts for people living under the same roof.
  • It includes Family Mix, a list for your family or those included in the group that is regularly updated with the music that everyone likes.
  • Block explicit music.
  • With the family plan, you will not have to hear ads while listening to music; you can download the music you want to listen to offline and enjoy your favorite songs on demand.

In Spain, the price of this plan is 14.99 euros per month, which would mean about 2.50 euros per member.

Spotify Student Plan

In addition to shared plans, Spotify offers a special plan for college students. It only works for one account, but it is much cheaper than the individual Premium plan.

The benefits of being subscribed to the Spotify student plan include:

  • Special discount of 50% for students who meet the conditions. If you wish, you can consult the terms and conditions to be a beneficiary of this plan. However, we already anticipate that you will have to prove that you are a student, either with an official email or with a student card or similar.
  • The plan allows you to listen to music without ads and on-demand.
  • It also includes downloads to listen to music offline.

In Spain, you can enjoy these benefits for 4.99 euros per month.

Spotify Philippines, another way to have Spotify cheaper

By browsing the internet, you can find other alternatives, such as creating an account on Spotify in the Philippines, where the cost is only € 6.00 per year.

Due to a geolocation issue, it will not be easy for you to create an account on the Philippine Spotify if you do not live in the Philippines. Still, we will briefly comment on how you can do it if you are interested in making an effort.

Get a cheaper Spotify account using a VPN connection

Get a cheaper Spotify account using a VPN connection

To have a Spotify account in the Philippines or in a country other than the one you reside in, you must use a VPN network with servers in the Philippines or the country that interests you to subscribe.

The first thing you will have to do is connect to a Philippine VPN; for that, we recommend using a browser like Firefox Nightly; other browsers like Chrome can present problems and make your task more difficult.

Once you have managed to connect to the VPN in the Philippines, you must enter the Spotify site in that country and start creating an account. When it is time to pay for the Premium subscription, you must do so through PayPal to use a credit card without problems.

Previously you will have to access the same VPN network and create an account in PayPal in the Philippines so that your data matches when making the payment. It should be noted, of course, that it does not always work, so our advice is that you try to share an account with a group of family or friends, without a doubt, the best option.