How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On Facebook Messenger

How to know if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger

We are going to explain in a simple way how to know if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger. In its day, we already told you how to find out on WhatsApp, but knowing if you have been blocked on Messenger is much easier. This is because the application does not care as much about your privacy as WhatsApp, so it has no qualms about you seeing if a person has blocked you or not.

We are going to start the article by explaining how linked Messenger is to Facebook and the two ways in which you can be blocked in the application. And then, we will continue telling you how to find out if you have been blocked from Messenger and, incidentally, if you have also been extra blocked on the social network.

Two different apps, the same service

Although Facebook and Facebook Messenger are two different and independent applications that you have to download separately in the application store of your mobile, Messenger is deeply integrated into the social network since it acts as the chat of the web version. Therefore, there are some functions where they are deeply related.

An example of this is that when someone is going to block you on Messenger, they can also block you on Facebook. It is a question that the messaging application itself will ask the other user when it is going to block you. So there are two levels at which you can be blocked, and it’s pretty easy to tell when you’ve been blocked on Messenger and if you’ve been blocked on Facebook as well.

How to know if you have been blocked in Messenger

The first thing you have to do to check if a Messenger user has blocked you is to write their name in the application search engine (1), and when it appears in the results, click on their profile (2) to enter into a conversation with that person.

If you have spoken with that person before, you will be able to see all the text of what you have talked about, but what you have to look at is at the bottom. If the message You cannot reply to this conversation appears, it is because this person has blocked you. As we have said before, Messenger does not protect privacy as much as WhatsApp, so it shows you shamelessly and without half measures when someone has blocked you.

They may have blocked you on Facebook as well as Messenger as well. How will you know if this has been the case when you try to search for the user in question in the Messenger search engine, you do not want her profile. Also, if you enter it through the web, if you have been blocked, you will not be able to access the profile, and it will tell you that it is not available.