How to make your own WhatsApp stickers with your photos and images

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The stickers WhatsApp is one of the best features added to the app in recent years, so today, we will see how to create our custom stickers.

These stickers add a fun touch to your conversations, as well as personal. And, in addition to being able to download dozens of complete sticker packs, you can create stickers with your images and photos to use in your chats.

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers step by step

To create the stickers, we need an application that allows us to form packs. We have opted for Sticker Maker, but below, we leave you an alternative so that you have a choice.

Steps to make WhatsApp stickers:

  1. Download and open the sticker creation app for WhatsApp that you have chosen.
  2. Tap on Create a new sticker pack.
  3. A window will open to name and author the sticker pack you are going to create. Once both fields have been entered, click on Create.
  4. On the main screen of the app, the package you just created will appear. Click on it to start adding your custom designs.
  5. As you will see, your package is empty. In Sticker Maker, you can create an icon, which appears first and will be the sticker that will give the box an image.

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers step by step 1

  1. Both the icon and the rest of the stickers in the package are made in the same way. Tap on the Icon square to start the process. First, you must choose if you will do it with a photo taken at the exact moment (Take Photo), an image previously saved in your gallery (Open Gallery), or a file from your mobile (Select File). If it is one of the last two options, you must select the image you want to edit. If it is the first, you must take the photo in question.
  2. After taking or selecting the photo, you will access the sticker editing screen. First of all, what you need to do is choose which part of the image you want to turn into a sticker. It can be the exclusive photo or the fragment you select through brilliant selection or manual selection (custom cut -Freehand-, square-cut or circular cut).
  3. Once the sticker is selected, you can choose to make the design again by clicking on Retry or add it to your sticker gallery by touching Save. Our Lisa design is not a big deal, but it will serve us well for our WhatsApp conversations.

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers step by step 2

  1. You can also add text and a frame to your stickers, as you can see in our loving SpongeBob sticker. If you click on Add text, in the upper right corner, you can write on the sticker. To change the font and add a background to the text, play with the two buttons in the lower-left corner.
  2. If you want to customize your sticker further, add a frame to it by selecting the Outline tool. You can choose both the width of the structure and its color. When you’ve finished the sticker, click Save to confirm the design and have it added to your sticker pack.
  3. Finally, when you have finished with your personalized pack of stickers, click on the Add to WhatsApp button. A new window will open and confirm the action by selecting Add.

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers step by step 3

By following these steps, you will be able to create all the packages you want for WhatsApp. You can divide them by topics, people, or the categories that you prefer. Remember that every time you add a sticker to the package, you must click on Add to WhatsApp again to use it in your conversations.

Three free apps for Android to create your stickers and use them on WhatsApp

3 free apps for Android to create your own stickers and use them on WhatsApp

Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker, the one we used in the tutorial, is a free application for Android. It has the essential tools to design the stickers and some other exciting extras, such as intelligent cutout or the possibility of adding a colored frame.

Also, you can share your packages with friends through WhatsApp and other social networks.


Another good option to create stickers for WhatsApp is Wemoji, also accessible in the Play Store.

As great details of this tool, we must mention that it has a vast library of text sources and that it saves the image clippings that you have already made to reuse them in future stickers.

Finally, the last free application that we propose is, which can also be used to create stickers with great ease.

On this occasion, in addition to designing your stickers and sharing them with other users, you can download the thousands of packages available in the app for free.

Easy and fast, this is creating stickers for WhatsApp with your images and photos, an excellent way to have even more fun using the app.