How to Safely Use Dating Site Privacy Settings


How to Safely Use Dating Site Privacy Settings

Are you a single who often goes online to interact with prospective partners? Perhaps you’re attracted to a particular niche, such as lesbian dating? The issue of identity security is often acute for LGBT individuals, as many of them do not want to come out publicly or have ever had negative experiences on social media. If you are, do you appreciate the features these sites include to guarantee the integrity of their service, or more importantly, the steps you should be taking as a user? If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, ‘where can I find lesbians near me?’ and decided to go online, we’re going to look into why security should be uppermost on your mind.

Why Security Is Such a Top Priority?

You have to be pragmatic about going online to interact with single females seeking a partner. Perhaps most of the women you will meet will be sincere and above-board, having gone to all the trouble of uploading profiles because they wish to commit to a relationship. But there will always be a minority who have ulterior motives. Some individuals sign up using false IDs as a prelude to phishing for sensitive information from those they are pretending to be interested in romantically. The key to keeping safe is to exercise caution. So let’s look into some of the ways you can protect the privacy of your online dating account.

Two-Factor Identification

Two-factor authentication provides a series of ‘virtual hurdles’ that any site user needs to transcend before gaining access to content. Put in simplistic terms, anyone signing into a lesbian website will be presented with questions where they are required to provide evidence. An obvious example of this would be guaranteeing the integrity of a password. The password alone might not be enough security to allow access and might lead to further questions, such as acknowledging a code sent to either an email address or a text number. Where authentication is concerned, it is always a good idea to exercise password management. This means regularly changing passwords, using encrypted computer-generated passwords rather than personal phrases or birthdays, and never repeating these across separate platforms.

Profile Hiding

Profile hiding is a relatively straightforward but effective security mechanism. This is another tool where the onus is on users to fine-tune choices, with the computer system offering different ways of selecting who can consider your profile or contact information from particular drop-down menus. You always need to be vigilant about who you are considering granting access to your profile. Websites will ensure that there are strict levels of access put in place, with some requiring validation or subscription payments before this route is open.

Synchronization with a Social Media Network Account

Most people who tap into digital dating also use other forms of web interaction, typically social media accounts. These can be linked in certain sites or apps, at which stage it is up to the administrators to ensure the integrity of these connections. From the user’s point of view, the recommended course of action is to keep a degree of separation between different platforms. This can readily be achieved by having separate logins and never repeating the same password. One issue with allowing generic access is that once a hacker has determined the likely password anyone is using for one of these, this can be applied throughout a network.


Geolocation is a fantastic tool when it comes to allowing streamlined interaction, and this is another aspect that can be manipulated to protect privacy. Relying on the same satellite technology that drives vehicle navigation or allows Snapchat users to be pinpointed, security systems will allow you to filter who is allowed to see your current location. This could be seen as a more sophisticated version of profile hiding. The same technology can be applied to those users of lesbian dating apps downloaded to their smart devices. While it can be tempting to use geolocation tracking to gain an overview of everyone else on the site who happens to be in the vicinity, there needs to be a degree of management.

Subscription-Based Services

One of the simplest but most effective and wide-reaching security services that be used is to base access to certain systems on fee payment. This can certainly sift out many of the less-determined hackers. Making access to certain areas of a website subscription-based also allows the site administrators to apply more elaborate checks at the end.

We have illustrated the pitfalls that can face users when visiting lesbian matchmaking services regularly. If you have ever been tempted to take things to the next level and upload your blog of the lesbian-friendly site, would it pass the test of 10 signs of an excellent site? Amongst these factors, guaranteeing your clients enjoy a hassle-free experience is crucial. But rather than focusing on the negatives, just ensure you apply all the appropriate counter-measures – then you can relax and enjoy the online interaction!