How to see WhatsApp statuses without being seen

We have already mentioned some tricks to use the WhatsApp statuses and get more out of them, but today we want to give you an extra key: see other people’s levels without them knowing it.

As you know, when you visit someone’s WhatsApp Status, they can see that you have seen it straightforwardly, as it happens on Instagram, Snapchat, and company. But do you know that you can avoid this tip-off?

Prevent other people from knowing that you have seen their status

The trick is straightforward, although it has a cost discussed below. To prevent other users from knowing that we have seen their WhatsApp Status, it is enough to go to the privacy settings and deactivate the happy tick blue. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Tap on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and tap on Settings.
  3. Enter the “Account” section, and from there, go to “Privacy.”
  4. Uncheck the switch next to the text “Read receipts.”

Prevent other people from knowing that you have seen their status

In this way, we will send read receipts, neither in individual conversations nor in States. Of course, in return, and here comes the loss, we will not receive them either. As you can imagine, we will not know when someone has read our messages or who sees our new WhatsApp statuses.

The choice is personal. It depends on you and your interests/use to see who enters and leaves your States or reads your messages. In my case, and considering the little success that the WhatsApp States have had among my contacts, I have a clear decision.

If what you want is that someone, in particular, cannot see your WhatsApp stories, that can also be done. We have already shown you how, but you can go back over the process if you have any questions.