The most expensive smartphone in the world is this iPhone and it costs as much as a house

The iPhone has always been criticized for its high prices, even though the iPhone 11 or 12 are not excessively expensive, not even compared to some high-end Android.

In any case, consumers are not – we are – willing to pay more and more for a terminal, and luckily, there are excellent low or mid-range smartphones today. However, there are always those who have money left over and don’t know what to spend it on … or maybe they do. For example, this iPhone, so expensive than any other product from the Cupertino firm, seems below.

This tacky iPhone is the world’s most expensive phone

Designed by the Russian luxury firm Caviar, this iPhone 11 Pro is made from 750 pieces of gold and diamonds and costs a whopping $ 101,280. According to its creators, the Caviar iPhone Solarius is not only the most expensive phone in the world today, but it was based on celebrities such as Steve Jobs, Mohammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, and Marilyn Monroe.

The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Solarius Zenith is a sign of superiority. A device that can only end up in the hands of the most valuable people.

Not only because the phone is costly, but honestly, it is pretty tacky. Despite this, if you are interested in getting this excellent device, you are lucky because shipping costs are free. We will save the details. This device is sure to attract attention but beware of thieves that stealing this terminal should not be very funny