How To Share Another User’s Story On Instagram

How to share another user's story on Instagram

We will explain how to share the stories created by other users on Instagram so that if you see one that interests you, you can send it to another person. Instagram doesn’t let you share someone’s story to your Stories like you can with Reels, but there are other ways to share.

We will explain simply the two methods you have to share a story. On the one hand, you can send it by private message on Instagram. But another alternative is to copy the link or send it to someone by sharing it with the share menu of your mobile.

How to share a story by private message

The fastest way to share a story from any user with another user or friend is to do it on Instagram by private message. For that, when viewing a story, click on the private message icon at the bottom right, which has the shape of a paper airplane.

This will open a window where you only have to choose one or several Instagram contacts to whom you want to send it. You can add a comment in a writing field above the contact list. To these people, the story will reach them through a private message sent by you.

Share a story through other apps

Another method of sharing a story is to send it through other apps. To do this, when viewing a story you want to share, click on the three-dot button on the top right.

This will display an options menu, where you have to choose the Share option that will appear to you. Depending on the privacy settings of the users who have created the stories you want to share, the option may not appear in some cases because they have decided that not everyone can see them.

This will open your mobile’s share menu, not Instagram’s. In this menu, you can choose any of your apps to share the story or copy the link to the story to share as you like. In both cases, you will share a link for the other person to access Instagram directly to the story. If you choose the option to do it through another app, within it, you will have to choose the contact to send the link to.