How to share your Netflix account with friends and family using profiles

Netflix has gradually become one of the best streaming services. Without a doubt, it is one of the ones we recommend the most due to its extensive catalog and the facilities it offers us, both on our mobile and our computer.

And today, we are going to tell you how you can share Netflix with your friends and family so that it is cheaper with friends and family quickly and safely. After all, it is the best option to save money and enjoy the platform’s full potential.

This is how you should share your Netflix account

Choose the plan that suits you best

As you know, Netflix has three plans, depending on how many people are going to use the account, and each of these – except the highest – has its limitations in terms of the people who can simultaneously play content:

  • Basic plan: playback on one device
  • Standard procedure: playback on two devices simultaneously
  • Premium plan: playback on four devices simultaneously

Therefore, you should choose, first of all, which is the plan that interests you the most, and, if you are two people sharing the same account, for example, you may be more interested in contracting the Standard Plan and making the most of it, instead of the Plan Premium.

This is how you should share your Netflix account

One avatar and photo per person

Depending on the Netflix plan that you have contracted, you will be able to play simultaneously on two or four devices, and you must make it clear with your family or friends that you are two or four people, not eight. That is, nothing to leave the password to other people.

And the fact is that, although you may be five or six people and you never coincide at the exact moment, you will see a point at which that situation will collapse. And if not, think about it; what do you all want to do on New Year’s Day after all-night partying? Or the typical rainy Sunday?

As much as we like to share, the account belongs to the people who are paying it, and leaving the password to third parties will only lead to harmful situations for them, so, create the users of the people you are paying, put it a different photo of each one, and enjoy Netflix without worries!

One avatar and photo per person

Payments, by PayPal

Of course, of all the people who share the Netflix account, there will be one that has this domiciled in their bank account and has to pay it every month. Well, if that person is you, the best thing you can tell the rest is to get paid by PayPal.

And, in this way, payments are easy and very simple, since you have to enter the amount you want to send and the recipient. In addition, the second month becomes even more straightforward since you have to select said payment and hit the repeat transfer button to pay it again month by month.

Payments by PayPal

Communication is essential too.

As you have seen, maintaining a particular order in a shared Netflix subscription or any other service is not very complicated, and you can save money every month. But you must remember that it is highly recommended to maintain some communication with the people with whom you share the subscription.

And no, we do not suggest it so that you comment on the last season of Jessica Jones – which is very good, by the way – but to talk about all the problems and delays in payments that may arise, such as fortuitous logouts and else. If you share the subscription, easy and fast communication should be essential in the end.