How do I know what my phone number is?

Most of us do know your phone number by heart since they are significant numbers in our daily lives. However, it is possible that you do not know your number, or you may not be able to remember it at some point, so you must resort to specific methods to know your phone number.

In this article, you will know the main options you have to find out your phone number quickly and easily. If you try to remember it and can’t, don’t despair and use one of these methods to quickly find out your number.

How do I know what my phone number is

From the Android mobile settings

Your Android mobile settings are a place where you can make specific changes to get even more out of the phone. In addition, from there, you can also access critical information such as the IMEI number and, sometimes, the phone number itself.

Unfortunately, this simple method does not work with all Android phones, as the “Phone number” option is not available on all models. In the most modern phones, you can find it by accessing Settings> Phone information -the name of this menu may vary depending on the manufacturer-.

If your mobile has a relatively old version of Android, go to Settings > About phone > Status > SIM card status. As its name indicates, “Phone number” will directly show you the phone number of the SIM card you are using on your mobile. The path may vary depending on the model, but the “Phone number” will be inside next to the SIM card information if it is available.

With someone else’s help

A foolproof method is to ask another person for help to find out your phone number. It is not necessary for this person to be known to you or to have you added as a contact on their phone. Call him from your mobile and, in a matter of seconds, your phone number will appear on his screen. Your assistant does not have to answer the call, so this option in question will not cost you money.

Another possibility is to ask someone who has added your phone number to send you your Contact so that you can consult the data you are looking for. You can do it easily from WhatsApp by clicking on the clip button, accessing Contact, and selecting your Contact in your phone book.

In apps like WhatsApp and Telegram

Indeed your Android mobile has apps that can help you find your phone number. We are not referring to third-party apps created specifically for this function but to applications as popular as WhatsApp or Telegram.

On the one hand, to know your phone number through WhatsApp, you must open the app, click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner, and select “Settings” in the options menu. Within the WhatsApp settings, click on your photo, and you will access your profile information, where you can see the phone number with which you are registered.

Checking your phone number in Telegram for Android is even easier. Once the app is open, you have to display the left side menu and look at the top, where your profile name and phone number appear.

With the help of your telephone operator

Your operator knows your phone number perfectly, so you can resort to their collaboration if the previous methods are not helpful. On the one hand, you can download and use the operator’s app with your user to see the number of your telephone line. You can also call the company to ask them to give you that information. The most normal thing is that, after confirming your identity, they tell you your phone number.

desperate options

The most normal thing is that some of the previous methods will help you know your phone number. However, if this is not the case, you can resort to desperate options, such as looking for the card that the SIM came on since the phone number will appear there.

You can also search the phone book of your mobile, in the case at any time you saved your phone number as a contact. As a final option, and if none of the previous practices have had an effect, you can search in old mobiles or phone books if you have your phone number registered there.