How to Watch Haikyuu Seasons On Netflix: The Perfect Guide


Regarding online streaming services, Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, right now. Coincidentally, Haikyuu — a highly on-demand anime show — streams on Netflix. Nevertheless, watching this top sports anime beyond the borders of unrestricted countries has proved to be a real hassle; unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve to circumvent the employed restrictions. Therefore, this article seeks to unravel the Netflix streaming mystery and demonstrate precisely how to watch Haikyuu seasons on Netflix.

How to watch Haikyuu Seasons on Netflix — Where to Start

Thanks to their rich library of top shows, including anime, Netflix’s streaming service has garnered a massive following over the last few years. Nonetheless, not every region gets access to all the shows. Netflix remains your best bet if you want to watch the sports anime show Haikyuu because using a VPN can easily bypass their geographical restrictions.

How to watch Haikyuu Seasons on Netflix — Where to Start
How to watch Haikyuu Seasons on Netflix

One of Netflix’s most notable features is the ability to gain access to geo-restricted content by switching your Netflix region or with a VPN. These two methods entail bypassing geographic restrictions by rerouting traffic from various locations, thus allowing you to access myriad content libraries worldwide.

Utilizing a VPN is the most stress-free method of unblocking and viewing Haikyuu from any location, irrespective of the restrictions enforced by Netflix. The idea behind a VPN is to reroute your traffic via a dedicated server, apply encryption, and grant access to blocked content. A reliable VPN connects you to several servers in several countries, enabling you to take advantage of regional content libraries that display more shows than your current location. This concept answers the main question of how to watch Haikyuu seasons on Netflix.

Another alternative would be to change your location directly on Netflix without a VPN or other external services. This method only works if you are currently subscribed to Netflix. On the other hand, it wouldn’t work if you had subscribed via Google Play Sore or iTunes, thanks to the geo-restrictions put in place. 

After logging into your Netflix account, look for your country flag, and switch to your region of choice. To enhance your viewing experience, ensure your chosen area displays Haikyuu in its library titles. 

Note that once you have made the change, it would take close to 24 hours for Netflix to effect the changes from their end before you can resume streaming. Make sure, however, not to switch between multiple regions within a very short time lest it trigger Netflix support. 

 What’s Haikyuu About? 

The Haikyuu story revolves around Hinata — a budding high school volleyball star who envisions a bright future in the game. Regardless of his height disadvantage, Hinata has huge hopes in his other abilities; especially his outstanding jumping ability that he is confident would be the path to victory in the largest volleyball tournament organized among Japan’s high schools. 

The story is supported by a fitting cast of extraordinary characters, ranging from Hinata’s beloved teammates to his sworn enemies and rivals. Their input marvelously drives a beautiful story where Hinata follows along with his big dream of becoming victorious in the nationals. So good was the anime comic series was so good that it won the esteemed Shogakukan Manga Award in 2015. Deservedly, the series’ anime adaptation is a show you wouldn’t want to miss for anything

 What’s Haikyuu About

How Many Seasons of Haikyuu are on Netflix?

The answer is highly dependent on your region. For instance, in Japan and other regions, Netflix streams up to Season 4 of Haikyuu. Nonetheless, several Western regions, including UK, US, and Australia, only have access up to the second season. 

The most suitable approach for experiencing the entire show is to use a reliable VPN to switch to Japan as your Netflix region. 

How Many Seasons of Haikyuu are on Netflix

Is Haikyuu Really On Netflix 

With so many restrictions enforced regarding how to watch Haikyuu seasons on Netflix, you would wonder whether the show is on Netflix. While the response is affirmative, only a few regions, such as Hong Kong and Japan, are allowed viewership. 

Although there is a slim chance that Netflix would eventually allow streaming in other restricted regions, a specific timeline has yet to be quoted for when that would happen. This statement is far from a worthy reassurance as an avid anime fan. Immediate fulfillment sounds better. It doesn’t matter how many seasons of Haikyuu are on Netflix in your region. Our recommendation to use a VPN to unblock access in your region by masking it as an unrestricted region is as sure guarantee to watch all the seasons. 

The Haikyuu Story in A Nutshell 

The story of Haikyuu goes after Hinata and Kageyama as they strive to win Japan’s national volleyball tournament in conjunction with their Karasuno High school teammates. 

Both players have big dreams of going pro after school. Hinata is, however, hindered by his short stature, which is considered disadvantageous for a spiker. On the other hand, Kageyama experiences a lot of difficulty playing alongside his teammates. 

Hinata and Kageyama’s rivalry dates back to middle school when the former’s team suffered a significant defeat against the rival team. Hinata’s goal to outshine Kageyama was hindered when they both end up playing for the same volleyball team at the same high school. 

With time, the two key players learnt to collaborate, better each other, and challenge for the top awards. Season 4 ends with Karasuno getting the better of Inarizaki High School, thus giving way to the fated battle between Karasuno and Nekoma. 

Does Haikyuu Display Any Romance? 

Romance is not a significant focus of the anime series. That said, Haikyuu features subtle romantic sub-plots. In fact, the manga incorporates a successful relationship that ends in an unexpected marriage between two main characters. 

It’s evident romance isn’t the Haikyuu main focus. Expect some disappointment if that’s your forte. Nevertheless, if an action-packed volleyball thriller sounds like a draw, you will have fun Watching Haikyuu. 

Will There Be Season 5 Of Haikyuu? 

Unfortunately, there is no hope of season 5 of Haikyuu coming out. The good news, however, is the story will conclude with a theatrical two-part film titled Haikyuu!! Final. At this point, wishing for an adaptation into a fifth season of the show would be akin to day dreaming. 

How Many Seasons of Haikyuu are on Netflix

Think about it, though, how many seasons of Haikyuu are on Netflix? Well, up to 4. Therefore, all hope is certainly not lost. Those seasons are enough to satisfy the exhilarating experience you’ve been looking forward to in the anime world. 

The Cast 

At the helm of the Haikyuu cast is Ayumu Murase who voices Shoyo Hinata. Ayumu boasts of vast experience and has had the privilege of voicing various characters in several anime series, including ‘Overload’, ‘Black Clover’, and ‘Attack on Titans’. 

Ayumu is flanked by Kaito Ishikawa who voices Tobio Kageyama. Kaito is popular for voicing Shinta Takagi’s character in Your Name. His voice also features in ‘One Punch Man’, ‘Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War’, and ‘My Hero Academia’. 

Yu Hayashi, famous for ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’, also forms part of the cast. Among the various anime series, he has voiced include ‘Mob Psycho 100’, ‘Tokyo Revenger’, and ‘Vinland Saga’. 

Satoshi Hino voices Daichi Sawamura. Satoshi is well known from ‘The Disastrous Life of Saiki K’, ‘Mugen Train’, ‘Demon Slayer the Movie’, ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’, and other anime series. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to Watch Haikyuu Season 3 And 4 On Netflix

Season 3 and 4 of Haikyuu are available on Netflix provided you are watching from an unblocked region. Nonetheless, we have outlined a few ways to overcome this challenge if you cannot watch from your geolocation. The easiest of which is to use a VPN. Worst-case scenario, you might have to forgo your Netflix subscription and opt for other streaming services such as Hulu and Crunchyroll. 

2. How Many Seasons of Haikyuu Are On Netflix? 

Up to 4 seasons of the popular anime series Haikyuu are currently available on Netflix. Due to its appealing nature, it qualifies as an excellent choice for a binge-watching experience or whatever arrangement you find exciting. 

3. Does Netflix Show the Dubbed Version of Haikyuu Season 3 And 4? 

Yes, Netflix provides all seasons of Haikyuu in their dubbed version, including season 3 and 4. You can watch Haikyuu in 4 different languages: English, German, European Spanish, and Mandarin. 

4. How Can I Access All Seasons of Haikyuu On Netflix?

As interesting as the show is, it would be unfortunate to start watching from season one then get a total black out midway. Luckily Netflix provides all the seasons for your pleasure. Identify a reliable VPN, and connect it to a Japan, Singapore, or Hong Kong – based server. This approach allows you access regardless of your current geolocation. 

5. Will Haikyuu Season 5 Stream On Netflix? 

Unfortunately, season 4 is the last we will ever see of the anime series Haikyuu. To the disappointment of many anime fans, Season 5 of Haikyuu will not come out. Instead, the final adaptation of the exhilarating anime show is a two-part film titled Haikyuu!! Final. 

Final Word 

Netflix showcases all seasons of Haikyuu, but access is only granted if you watch via a VPN. Get a reliable VPN and stream Haikyuu on Netflix from the US, Canada, UK, or any other blocked location. The best VPN guarantees you access to a wide range of Netflix libraries without buffering.