How To Watch Some Movies Or Episodes Of Netflix Series For Free Without Paying Or Registering

How to watch some movies or episodes of Netflix series for free without paying or registering

We will explain how to watch Netflix series for free without paying or registering, using a new service launched by the platform so that you can do it. The service is called Watch Free, and it is a new attempt to attract new subscribers by allowing them to watch individual episodes of the series so that they know what Netflix is ​​like and how it works.

We will start the article by explaining a little about how this new service works and the context in which it can be an interesting move for Netflix. Then, we will go directly to tell you the easy way to see this free content without registering or paying.

What exactly is Netflix Watch Free

Streaming platforms have a problem: to know anything about how they work, you have to register. They usually have a month of promotion, so this costs less to do, but with this, you will have to give them your personal and payment information as well, which can throw off especially indecisive people.

In this context, Netflix wants to try to attract these particularly indecisive users or at least help them try some elements of its platform without registering. The free series episodes are there, and you also have some movies that you can watch completely.

As for the content, Netflix prioritizes its content. So, if you’re curious to see what’s going on or what one of these series might appeal to you and convince you to subscribe, Netflix will let you watch an episode. And the same goes for movies: if you see one and like it, you may be more willing to try it and sign up on the platform.

In addition, being able to start watching content without registering, you will also be able to see the viewing interface and the options it offers, such as the subtitle system and the essential playback controls.

What content is available

Initially, Netflix enabled viewing nine different content, which are the first chapters of some series and even a full movie. What you can initially watch for free is the following:

  • ‘ Stranger Things ‘ – Season 1 Episode 1
  • ‘ Criminals at Sea ‘ – One of the many films Adam Sandler shot exclusively for the platform.
  • ‘ Elite ‘ – Season 1 Episode 1
  • ‘Boss Baby – Back to Work’ – Season 1 Episode 1
  • ‘ Blind Blind ‘ – Another hit movie exclusive to Netflix, this time starring Sandra Bullock making her way through a post-apocalypse without vision.
  • ‘ That’s How They See Us ‘ – Episode 1 of the four mini-series
  • ‘ Love is Blind ‘ – Episode 1 of Season 1 of this docu-reality.
  • ‘ The Two Popes ‘ – Two hours of ecclesiastical intrigue based on true events in a film starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce.
  • ‘Our Planet’ – Episode 1 of Season 1 of this documentary series on nature.
  • ‘ Grace & Frankie ‘ – Season 1 Episode 1

How to watch free Netflix content

How to watch free Netflix content

You must enter the Netflix – Watch Free website, whose URL address is When you do, you will arrive at a welcome screen where you are told that you will be able to watch free content.

On this page, you must scroll down to see the content you can access. It is not the classic Netflix interface but a page listing all the content. In each element, you will have a description of the series or movie. Click the Watch Now button for the series or movie you want to start watching it.

When you start watching a series or movie, you will first see an ad for Netflix and its content. You can watch it entirely or click the Skip button to skip it.

And once the ad has passed, you will start watching the movie or the first chapter of your chosen series. You will have full control over the viewing since when you move the mouse, you will see the interface with the scroll bar to get to the point of the episode you want and the controls for fast forward and backward, volume, subtitles, or full screen.