How UMRA Increases the Efficiency and Security of Networks


Security of Networks

UMRA, or User Management Resource Administrator, is a sys-admin software for updating and controlling user information across any Operating System, user applications, and directories. With powerful, built-in, drag-and-drop scripting actions, even complex User Management Tasks can be performed fast and securely. 

UMRA offers solutions for user management areas such as:

  • Delegation: With fully customizable forms, user account management can be easily passed on to the helpdesk or other non-admins.  
  • Mass Updating: A network admin function is utilized for updating and importing bulk user accounts in a single process based on a simple text (CSV) file.   
  • User Provisioning: Automation offers provisioning of users across information systems such as Unix, Active Directory, Novel, and many others.   

How Does UMRA Increase the Efficiency and Security of Networks?  

UMRA increases the efficiency and security of networks in several ways:

Your Software Is Updated Regularly

Regular software updates are one of the best—and simplest—ways to improve your network security. UMRA updates your software frequently in order to include security fixes and patches for security threats and newly discovered vulnerabilities. With UMRA, you don’t need to worry about updating your software, as this task is performed automatically. This saves you a lot of time and eliminates human errors.    

Removes Unused Software and Services  

For the smooth operation of your network, you must remove every software and service that is no longer required. This can be exhausting if everything was to be performed manually. UMRA is the best solution for this problem, as it automatically detects and removes software that is no longer being used or is non-operational. 

Saves a Lot of Time 

With UMRA, you can update and import user accounts in bulk without requiring a separate tool. Apart from that, a lot of provisioning processes become automated with UMRA. 

This saves a lot of time in two ways: one, by eliminating manual processes. And two, by eliminating any scope for human errors. As a lot of precious time is wasted in figuring out and correcting those errors, it is recommended to use UMRA to increase the security of your networks.   

Enhance Your Network’s Security

Securing your network is a crucial process. In today’s world, where hackers are ever more technically advanced, you must constantly protect your network from malicious attacks and data breaches. UMRA can help, not just by securing your networks, but also by increasing the efficiency of your users. 

UMRA is a great way to enhance your network’s security and make your system all the more efficient. Cloud service providers like TOOLS4EVER provide you with all the required processes to implement UMRA in your system. This makes it a lot easier for enterprises to bring in UMRA and take off a lot of burden from their IT teams.