Jobs You Can Get with Exam Labs CompTIA Security+ Certification


Different cybersecurity-related jobs require a CompTIA Security+ certification, especially for entry-level and intermediate-level positions. Thus, if your career advancement trajectory is towards the cybersecurity space and you plan to write the appropriate Security+ exam, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about job roles you can get hired in with your Exam Labs Security+ certificate.

Jobs You Can Get with Exam Labs CompTIA Security+ Certification

  1. Junior Penetration Tester

Junior penetration testers, or simply pen testers, use their skills to create a simulation of a cyberattack and mirror the penetration actions to test the strength and resiliency of an organization’s internal security system.

Therefore, the typical duties of a pen tester include the following:

  • Utilizing appropriate tools for penetration testing
  • Staying updated on recent hacking and testing methods
  • Locating, accessing, and managing vulnerable infrastructure points.

It’s important to note that penetration testers are gaining increased visibility because of their importance. Hence, the demand for these specialists is on the rise. And if we turn to the numbers, then according to ExamSnap CompTIA Security+ Practice Test SY0-501 the average salary for junior penetration testers is Exam Labs $70K annually.

  1. Cybersecurity Specialist

As you know the cybersecurity specialists are the gatekeepers of an organization’s networks and information systems. They continually analyze risks and ensure the organization’s information systems are secure by developing strategies to prevent any breach in the event of an attack. Essentially, they specialize in monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents and anomalies within the network.

Here’s a brief of their responsibilities:

  • Suggest security measures
  • Grant permissions and privileges to authorized users
  • Build firewalls for network infrastructures
  • Implement security controls to ward off vulnerabilities
  • Manage and monitor any activity that could become a cyber threat or attack

Moreover, you’ll be thrilled to know that the average annual salary of a cybersecurity specialist is $111,052, according to

  1. Security Administrator

Specialists in this job role focus more on the security resilience of network infrastructures through their understanding of the security needs, thereby safeguarding their information systems and preventing the penetration of security threats. In other words, security administrators are concerned with monitoring, protecting, and updating policies within that organization. Meanwhile, according to the Exam Labs .com website, the average salary for this position stands at $67,836.

Specifically, security administrators perform the following tasks:

  • Monitor network traffic and react to anomalies
  • Perform recurrent security audits and conduct recurrent scans
  • Implement security measures and plans tailored to that specific organization
  • Install firewalls
  • Integrate security requirements into the network systems.


Cybersecurity-related job roles are more in demand now than ever as cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency, and the consequences are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, your CompTIA Security+ certificate will show that you possess the basic skills to perform excellently as a system administrator, cybersecurity specialist, junior penetration tester, or in other entry-level or intermediate-level roles. It will also demonstrate that you take your professional growth seriously, and subsequently, your duties in those positions. So, if a career along any of these paths appeals to you, then prep up and go earn your Exam-Labs CompTIA Security+ Practice Test SY0-601 Exam .

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