Smart Office Solutions for Small Business


It’s becoming evident that to keep up with the rapid growth in technology and new modern business practices that everyone needs to be ready to adapt and change with the times. That means large businesses are years into the process, but if you’re a part of, or possibly own, a small business, you might be behind the curve.

This doesn’t mean it’s too late. In fact, starting to adapt to smart office technology and practices has never been easier, and if you are starting from scratch, you begin at a time where there are easy ways to get caught up. The easiest ways to set yourself up are likely things you can do right away, and after learning a little bit about the basics, your small business can utilize things like smart office solutions to take your business to the next level.

What are Smart Office Solutions?
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What are Smart Office Solutions?

Smart office solutions are literally any technology or application that makes your normal work day easier and smarter. This can be anything from an app on your computer or phone to an entire system for heating and lighting your office. As you can imagine, some are more necessary than others, which is why a breakdown of the basics as well as some more popular trends in smart office solutions is a helpful guide to getting your small business into the smart office movement.

WiFi Priorities

Some things to consider before diving into a full fledged smart office solutions transition are the things you need to ensure that you’re able to make these new techs work for you small business. The first, of course, is a WiFi connection. WiFi allows mobile solutions that allow you to seamlessly transition from a desktop, then to a tablet, then to a phone. In the end, all of your smart office technologies and solutions will be useless without a reliable WiFi connection.

Non-Tech Needs for New Tech

The best part of new technology is that it increases your ability to do just about everything in the office. That is, if there are not already issues in your ability to do your job well. In a small business, communication and shared goals are crucial to keeping up with the bigger companies. If you lack basic communication between your team, you will not reap all the rewards of smart office solutions. Taking care of these basics is crucial to enjoying the best parts of smart office technologies and solutions. If WiFi and company cohesiveness aren’t issues, you’re ready to move on to some great tech for your small business.

Non-Tech Needs for New Tech

Smart Office Solutions You Need

As a small business, costs are likely an issue for you, and you are probably very conscious of your income, profits, and profit margins. With that in mind, your smart office solutions should start immediately with things that will save you money.

Powerful hardware and equipment are necessary to use software or programs to their full potential. Upgrading to high-performance equipment can have a hefty cost, which is why procuring refurbished tech is worth considering. Reliable suppliers offer quality, fully functional refurbished IT gear that are nearly for a much lower price range.

Belkin Wemo Instant Switch

The Belkin Instant Switch allows you to monitor energy usage and control all electronic devices from anywhere in your office. Depending on your needs and number of employees, you can turn devices on or off, set schedules, or set alerts to tell you when the shared printer has finished your project. The Wemo works with both iOS and Android devices, meaning if you work on Macs and Samsung Galaxy phones, you can use both to manage this wonderful device.


Qmotion is a fantastic app that also can help cut down on energy costs by managing natural light and temperatures that come in through windows. In cold, winter months like January and February, thick blinds can help keep cold from the windows from coming into your small business office. To control your blinds, Qmotion uses your phone or smart device to automate curtains and blinds to be opened and closed at your will. This might seem silly, but you’d be surprised how much money you could save by lowering your heat a few degrees with the warmer temps received by keeping your blinds closed. If you want them open, just use Qmotion to make it happen!


Lastly on the necessities list is something that will help you with security. This alarm clock allows you to monitor doors, locks, and even who is in the building through the use of voice activated commands. Since you are working with both WiFi and sound, it takes a few seconds to execute commands, but it provides you with great, hands-free convenience. Even though you can manage these things without smart office solutions, they can help save costs on energy, security, and risks of burglary or theft of your expensive office technology.


You Might Want this Smart Office Solution Too

This last one to add to your wants list isn’t necessary, but could make using all those other basic smart office solutions much easier. This special piece of tech is actually the popular Amazon Echo with Alexa. Through this device, you can change the temperature of your office, automate lights and security features, play music, and more. Even things as simple as asking Alexa what the weather is are great for when you’re about to head out to a meeting.

If you’re entertaining clients, utilize the Echo to order lunch, check on traffic for their arrival, and even play thousands of radio stations. The Amazon Echo was, at one time, seen as more frill than necessity, but using all of your devices with one single smart device makes life easier during the busy working week.

Smart Office Solutions Start Today

Your small business may not have the number of clients or customers as the bigger fish in the sea, but you can still utilize the same technology that makes them state of the art. Finding the smart office solutions that work best for you is easy when you have these basics, and maybe even a few just for convenience as well.

Once you have stable WiFi and a trusted team, your work output could be exponentially higher with these technologies. Make the decision today to dedicate time to becoming a smarter small business!