Steps To Trim A Video On iPhone


Steps To Trim A Video On iPhone

There are times when you shoot long videos, but you don’t want to use your entire footage. When that happens, it’s a very good idea to focus on making the experience as creative and as engaging as it can be. But you don’t have to switch to a computer to trim your video. You can do that on your iPhone if you want. It’s actually much easier than anticipated.

Edit via the Photos app

The first thing you want to do is to open the Photos app. That’s great because the app offers minor editing features. And that also includes trimming. So if you want to trim a watch, you can do that without a hassle, and it will work brilliantly. On top of that, you can edit any part of the video aside from just trimming. Yes, the process is basic, but if you want simple trimming, that will help quite a bit.

Trimming your video

Once you press Edit in the Photos app, the rest of the process is easy. What you want to do here is to tap the video camera icon at the bottom and you will see a slider under the video. This allows you to scroll through the video the way you want and trim it appropriately. That’s helpful because it can save quite a bit of time, and the process itself is nothing short of incredible. In addition, the quality is exceptional, and you will appreciate the results all the time.

Choosing the parts you want to trim

After you selected the video, you need to choose those parts that you want to trim. You just hold the finger on the arrows and slide so you can shorten the video. You can go left or right, according to your needs. That’s a great and simple way for you to trim a video, and it certainly works much better than you might expect. In addition, the entire trimming process doesn’t take a lot of time. You can choose to save the video once you trim. Ideally, you want to save it as a new clip, so you don’t overwrite the original. In case you need the original again, you can always go back.

Using third party apps

You also have the option to use third party tools that help you trim videos and also edit without a problem. It’s a great option to consider because you have everything in a single place. However, many of these tools either require a purchase or have annoying ads. If you can get past that, you can use those, otherwise simple trimming can be done via the Photos app as well.

All of these are great ideas to consider if you want to trim videos on your iPhone. That’s a great solution because it helps you trim videos fast, without needing a computer or laptop. We highly recommend using these tips, as they will provide you with a fast and efficient trimming solution!