The 11 Best Lightweight Browsers for Android

  • We select the best browsers that take up little space: lightweight apps to surf the Internet on your mobile.
  • These are the most used browsers of the moment: Google Chrome in the lead and some other surprises.
  • The three best secure browsers for Android

Surfing the Internet with your mobile should not be one of the activities that demand the most resources when using the mobile. We are so used to browsers like Chrome devouring the RAM and battery of our devices mercilessly that sometimes we forget that there are other alternatives: lightweight browsers.

In Android, it is possible to find good browsers that take up little space and that do not require a high amount of resources to allow us to surf the Internet. Today we want to select the best that exists on Android.

Best Android browsers that take up little space

Considering that browsers like Chrome, considered by many the best web browser for Android, have a weight once installed that can exceed 500 MB, it should not be too difficult to find lighter browsers to access the Internet. These are the best:

  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
  • Opera Mini
  • Mint Browser
  • Foss Browser
  • Firefox lite
  • Aloha Browser
  • Simple Browser
  • Linked
  • browser
  • Via browser
  • Monument Browser

The 11 best lightweight browsers for Android

We select the lightest browsers that you can use on your Android.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

We start with one of the safest lightweight browsers for Android that exist today.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo bets on a private and simplified browsing experience

The DuckDuckGo browser for Android is not as advanced or complete as other Chrome-level alternatives. Still, with a weight of only 14 MB, it is a fantastic lightweight browser that allows us to surf the Internet safely through a search engine with intelligent encryption and blocks website trackers.

Google Play | DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Opera Mini 1

Opera Mini 2

Opera Mini 3

Although for years it has evolved to the point of becoming a browser loaded with functions of all kinds, today, Opera Mini continues to enter the category of lightweight browsers for Android.

It is a browser optimized to work on devices with limited resources and do so as quickly as possible through functions such as “Smart Browsing,” which allows you to choose the most appropriate model to save data and browse faster even on most networks. slow



If you want a good and fast browsing experience, Mint is a great option.

Among the many Xiaomi applications downloaded on Google Play, we find Mint, its own lightweight browser.

This browser chooses to offer a simplified experience when browsing, leaving aside unnecessary functions to offer the essentials of a browser in an app that is only 14 MB in weight.

FOSS Browser

FOSS Browser 1

FOSS is the acronym for Free and Open Source Software, and it perfectly defines the philosophy of this free, open-source, and very light browser.

Its design is not the most pleasant of all those that make up this list, and some functions in other browsers may be missing. But if what you are looking for is a simple and light browser, it can be a fantastic option, especially if what you are looking for is a free browser without unnecessary ads or permissions.

Firefox lite

Firefox lite

Firefox lite 2

Firefox lite 3

All the good things about Mozilla Firefox, in a much lighter browser: this app, weighing only 7MB, offers features like the “Amazing Bar,” which makes searching the Internet much faster and easier, wherever you are.

In addition, it allows us to customize the application interface, set our favorite sites to access them faster, or obtain personalized search recommendations based on our usage habits.

Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser 2

Aloha Browser 3

It may not be as well-known a browser as the previous ones, but it may become your new favorite browser from now on.

Aloha is a light and fast Android browser with a careful design, which offers functions such as the possibility of blocking tabs with our fingerprint or free access to a VPN.

Simple Browser

Simple Browser

Simple Browser 1

Its name says it all: Simple Browser is one of the lightest downloadable browsers on Android and also one of the best.

It weighs only 1.4 MB, but it allows you to surf the Internet the same way as other much heavier browsers. In return, yes, we must say goodbye to certain functions such as history, tabs, or favorites.

Linked Browser

This famous browser, previously known as Chrome, is one of the best options for those looking for an app to navigate the Internet in the simplest and fastest way possible. It weighs only 4.4 MB, and among other things, it allows you to open web pages in floating bubbles that can be minimized at any time.

It is a totally free and open-source lightweight browser, which also consumes little RAM based on the Custom Tabs protocol.

eXtreme browser

eXtreme browser


eXtreme browser 2

eXtreme browser 3

With an interface that somewhat resembles Google Chrome but weighing in at just over 1MB, the browser is one of the lightest browsers out there in all of Google Play.

Don’t expect to find very advanced features in this browser. However, if what you are looking for is an application that allows you to navigate safely, quickly, and simply with your mobile, consuming the least possible number of resources.

Via browser

Via browser

Via browser 2

Via browser 3

In Navigator Via, ease of use and simplicity are combined with an exquisite minimalist design free of complications and unnecessary additions. It is an application weighing only 1 MB, with useful features such as a saving mode that reduces the quality of images automatically or a customizable home screen with direct access to our favorite websites.

Monument Browser

Another lightweight and the privacy-focused browser is Monument Browser. Weighing only 1.8 MB, this browser stands out for not collecting data and for having functions such as “Anti Social” or “Anti Tracking” that allow sites like Facebook not to track us.