The 13 Best Websites To Upload And Share Your Photos For Free

The 13 best websites to upload and share your photos for free

In the life of an amateur photographer, one of the biggest headaches is how to share your photographs so that everyone can see them without problems. We want to pass them on to friends and family and if we have a high volume it is often difficult to do it quickly. For this reason, we are going to look for the best websites to upload and share photographs for free.

One of the most common questions I am often asked as a photographer is how to send photographs to those close to you. We have all heard that WhatsApp compresses them ( it is true ) and that by email we have a capacity limited to 20 MB (true). There are many ways to do it well, and it all consists of searching for the web pages that we are going to present below.

I would never send originals unless they ask us for them, and I would always try to compress the photographs so that they take up as little space as possible with the highest quality. We can always do it with one of the Adobe programs or with mobile applications, but the best of all is that some of the websites that we are going to say do all this for us.

The problem is that most websites have decided to provide payment options to offer more storage or more functions that we may miss. But if we don’t want to spend money and simply take summer photos, we can do it without any major problems.

Google Photos

A year ago it stopped being free. And we only have 15 GB to store our photographs. But if we compress the photographs, many images can enter that space shared with everything we have on Google, such as our emails.

The advantage is that it is very easy to use and allows us to share all our files with whoever we want. Of course, we have no choice but to empty it from time to time so as not to saturate the total free capacity.

  • Official website: Google Photos


Flickr revolutionized everyone’s lives when it decided to offer 1 TB of capacity to share and save all our photos, but that possibility soon ended. Now, as of May 1, 2022, we can only upload 1,000 photos and 50 non-publicly.

Again we will have to pay if we want more space, but if we don’t want to share our trip with everyone, the ability to share 50 photos is fine.

  • Official website: Flickr

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

Indeed, an Amazon premium account is not free. But what many people don’t know is that if you have it, they also offer you unlimited space on Amazon Photos, even in RAW format if you like to shoot in this format.

Indeed, we do not have to trust ourselves and save our entire file there (it should just be one more backup copy) but it is perfect for sharing the latest photographs we have taken without problems.

  • Official website: Amazon Photos



It’s my reference page for file sharing. From here I share absolutely everything with my family and friends. You just have to open the page, drag and go.

You can send up to 2GB for free, more than enough in most cases to share photos. What I like the most is that you can send them as a link or directly to an email account to prevent them from reaching other people’s hands.

  • Official website: WeTransfer



One of the simplest pages to send files no larger than 10 MB. You just have to select the photograph and that’s it, the page takes care of everything.

Best of all, we have unlimited space for as long as we want to have the photographs hosted on this page. And it will directly give us a link to upload the file wherever we want.

  • Official website: imgbox

Post images

One of the great surprises when making this article. Before starting you can choose the size you want the photographs at and how long you want them to be available.

The free version allows you to upload 10kx10k pixel photos if they occupy 24 MB, more than enough for most of our work. And we can link 1000 photos per upload. What more could you want?

  • Official website: Post images



If you are interested in photography and want to find a place to post and share your photographs, you will surely like 500 px. Of course, if you want unlimited uploads you’ll have to pay a fee, but the free account allows you to upload up to seven photos a week.

It is not a place to have a backup copy of our work, but it is very easy to download the photographs. You just have to hover over the image, and if you have activated the license, anyone can download it, you can even earn money. Of course, you will have to wait until the page editors decide if your shot is good or not.

  • Official website: 500 px


It is one of the most used spaces to make a backup copy of our files, including photographs, of course.

If you want to share photos for free, in Dropbox you have up to 2 GB of storage to store and share your files in the same way as the other options we are pointing out.

  • Official website: Dropbox


A page that doesn’t seem to have a free option, at least it doesn’t appear clearly. You have no choice but to accept the free trial. When the 21 days pass, they give you two options. The first is to pay a subscription and the second is a free account with 250 images or 2.5 GB of storage.

With Photobucket, you can share images without a problem or even have a small backup copy of your most precious photographs. Of course, the free account is very limited in terms of functions.

  • Official website: PhotoBucket



Another perfect page if your love for photography is so great that you even have a license for Adobe programs. It is a free page where you can share your work in three different ways: Project, Work in progress, and Live broadcast.

The second option, Work in Progress, is perhaps the best for us. If we want to share our images, we can send them to whoever we want, but they will only be available for 24 hours. Of course, we can also use the rest, but this seems the most practical.

  • Official website: Behance



It is one of the largest sources of royalty-free images. Everything you post here will have a free license to use. Everyone will be able to use your photographs and you can use theirs. And it is in perfect Spanish so we don’t miss anything.

You just have to sign up and you will automatically be able to upload all the photographs you want with the sole premise of sharing them. You can also use the platform to promote yourself and get clients.

  • Official website: Unsplash


In the beginning, we talked about WhatsApp. But Telegram, its great competitor, allows you to do many things when it comes to sharing photos. Since it works in the cloud and is not stored on the mobile, it allows us to share all types of files up to 2GB.

It is a completely free service (with payment options) that, given the capacity it has, allows us to send all the photos of our vacations without any problem.

  • Official website: Telegram


We left Instagram for last, the most popular page so far to share our images with the whole world. In addition, it is another social network that allows us to make ourselves known. Of course, its big problem is that it is impossible to upload the originals and it excessively compresses our photographs.

But despite everything, it is still one of the best options to show our loved ones our photographs so they can see where we have been. And it’s not just for mobile shooting, it accepts any digital image.

  • Official website: Instagram