The Best applications to earn money with your mobile

  • Earn money using your mobile thanks to these free applications that you can download on Android.

Spending time with the mobile phone is something we all sin about, but why not turn this inconvenience into an advantage? If you search the Play Store for Android, you will find many apps to earn money.

In this article, we will focus on those apps created directly to offer you money in exchange for particular tasks, which in most cases will not take more than a few minutes, or that can even be used to earn money playing.

So if what you want is to increase your checking account –even if it is a little–, keep reading because then we leave you the best applications you can use on your Android devices to earn money.

The best applications to earn money with your mobile

In Google Play, you can find apps of all kinds. With some, you can even earn money.

8 apps to earn money with your Android

  • Gift Hunter Club
  • SB Answer
  • Google rewards
  • Cointiply
  • AppNana
  • SweatCoin
  • Poll Pay
  • Task Mate

Before we begin, it is worth commenting that these apps will not make you rich, of course. With them, you can get some money to pay for digital content or balance for app stores like Google Play.

However, since you probably spend hours glued to your mobile every day, using these types of apps and games to earn money can be a good way to make your device profitable.

Gift Hunter Club

After more than 7 years of existence, this platform -with a mobile app available- has managed to gather almost one million users around the world. To earn money with this application, you will have to watch ads, fill out daily surveys or test applications, among other tasks.

In some cases, you will have to try games so that in general you will be earning money for playing with your mobile.

When you register, you can use the invitation code so that both of you get some extra points. Finally, when you already have a significant amount collected, you can exchange those points to receive the money via PayPal or by gift vouchers for platforms such as Amazon.

SB Answer

SB Answer is one of the apps that pay you to answer surveys. Every day, you will receive different surveys that you must fill out in exchange for prizes.

The prizes in question usually consist of gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, or Starbucks.

Google rewards

It could not be missing in this list of applications to earn Rewards money, the Google app to get balance for the Google Play Store.

Rewards respond to surveys conducted by market researchers to accumulate a balance that you can then use to buy applications, movies, magazines, or music on Google Play. Easy and fast, this is how the Google rewards app works.

On the other hand, it also highlights the existence of the Play Security Reward Program, the Google service that offers you money to find bugs in Android and report them to the developer to fix them. If you take out your inner hacker and help the Big G, you can get rewards in return.

Also, keep in mind that the money you earn in Google Play Rewards is not only used to buy apps and games. You can also use it to rent movies or buy books from Google Play or even to pay for your Google One subscription.

Play Store | Google rewards

Google rewards


This is another of the applications that allow you to earn money by watching videos, ads, responding to different surveys, testing apps and games, etc., in short, completing the available tasks.

As Cointiply promises on its Play Store page, every day, it offers newly updated tasks to accumulate credits that you can translate into money.

Its main virtue compared to other apps of this type is that Cointiply pays you in Bitcoin, which you can later send to your own private wallet to keep or convert into real money.


AppNana is another of those apps to earn money that rewards you with gift cards every time you complete tasks.

The app was very popular on iOS, and its creators decided to bring it to Android to offer his users of the platform the possibility of earning points that you can exchange for money.


The popularity of this app took over in the summer of 2019 when millions of users began using it to earn money while exercising.

Depending on the number of steps you take per day, the application will pay you a series of Sweatcoins, its virtual currency. In the end, you can exchange those credits for money or prizes.

Before using it, you must bear in mind that SweatCoin also benefits from the commercialization of your private data, so you must assess whether or not it is profitable for you to earn money that way.

Poll Pay

Sign up for Poll Pay and take as many surveys as possible, be it short forms or longer research studies.

That is the main task that you can perform with the Poll Pay application to earn money. Survey after survey, you will be able to get the credit that you can later exchange for money via PayPal or for cards for Google Play, Amazon, or Netflix.

Task Mate

Task Mate

With Task Mate, you can earn money doing simple tasks from your mobile.

It’s a shame that Task Mate, Google’s other app to earn money using your mobile, is not available – yet – in all countries.

And it is that with it it is possible to earn money by doing simple tasks, such as taking photos of a store window, transcribing text or saying phrases out loud. In addition, unlike what happens in Google Rewards, this app rewards us with real money that is transferred through services such as PayPal.