What Is A Virtual Phone Number And In Which Sphere It Could Be Useful?


New technologies are rapidly progressing, allowing people to simplify seemingly routine daily tasks. One of these technologies is virtual SIM cards. And while some do not get involved in the topic and try to keep at a distance from this function, others at this time use a virtual number in full force, thus greatly simplifying the tasks of life. 

First, let’s understand what a virtual phone number is?

A virtual number is a phone number that works and connects via the Internet. The main features are that it can be used remotely, there is no need to connect wires or buy expensive equipment. In short, you can connect in 10 minutes a virtual phone number, with which you can make calls. 

What Is A Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone number can help you open a business in any country in the world, in addition, you will be able to record conversations, to connect the integration of phone calls with CRM-system, voice menu and much more! 

Advantages of Virtual Phone Number

  1. Virtual number is not tied to a specific region

If your business provides for delivery of orders all over the country by means of virtual number, you can refuse from opening office in big cities and registration of stationary phone there. You will need to order a virtual automatic telephone exchange and freely communicate with customers and partners. 

  1. Affordable communication

Economy when you connect a virtual number starts with the installation process since you don’t need to connect additional wires and stations. In addition, virtual phone service is up to four times cheaper than a landline.

  1. Quick connectivity

In order to connect virtual number you need to submit an application in telephone company or in specialized service and activate virtual phone number in 10 minutes.

  1. Easy set up

You manage your virtual number in your personal cabinet. There you can also connect and manage call forwarding, view analytics and pay monthly fees. 

  1. Ability to communicate for free within the company

To communicate with your colleagues you will need to dial a short number inside the virtual automatic telephone exchange.

  1. Recording conversations

If necessary, you can replay the dialogue with a customer or a partner, so you can analyze, for example, the work of call center operators, the efficiency of sales scripts, the quality of feedback and much more. 

  1. Using virtual number for travel abroad

During frequent trips abroad a virtual phone number can help you to stay in touch with your partners, friends, and relatives. Often roaming in another country is an expensive option, and purchasing a physical SIM card may be impossible or difficult to implement. A virtual number can solve this issue, and you can be sure that you will stay in touch because you can buy a virtual number in the application before you travel. 

Based on the advantages, we can say that a virtual phone number can be useful not only in business, but also in everyday life. In addition, this service can facilitate the work process for those who own a business and leads an active lifestyle, communicating with numerous people every day. 

Speaking of the pros, it is also necessary to highlight the disadvantages of a virtual phone number

  1. Privacy

In the case of virtual number, personal data including records of conversations and SMS messages are stored on the provider’s server, so the question of privacy remains relevant. In practice, if the company providing virtual number services is reliable and professional, it protects customer data. 

  1. Requires a constant connection to the Internet

On the one hand, if you have your own business and you need to connect a large number of users into one virtual network, then you should take care in advance about a stable connection to the Internet. However, if you will use virtual phone number for personal needs, you will need only a stable connection to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. 

How do I connect my virtual phone number?

There are several ways to connect based on your needs: 

  1. If you want to use virtual phone number as second number for communication within your country. 

You need to check with your mobile service provider for availability of this service or choose another mobile service provider in your country. After making sure that this option is available, you must set up a virtual SIM card in your personal cabinet in the application of your mobile operator. You’ll have to pay for the virtual SIM card, but you can be sure that your data will be safe. 

  1. If you require a virtual SIM card of another country

Such a sim card can be connected through a variety of online services. To do this, you need to download a mobile application to connect virtual cards. The main advantage is that the connection of such cards is free. You only need to pay for the selected tariff plan. This method has a disadvantage: any user can go to the website of the online service, listen to your conversations and read the texts of your SMS transmitted via a virtual number. 

In short, a virtual phone number can help you when traveling abroad, when running a business or when you communicate with many people on a daily basis. Despite the disadvantage of needing a permanent Internet connection, using a virtual number as a backup is a convenient option for sharing communications in everyday life.