WhatsApp Updates: All The News Of 2023

WhatsApp updates all the news of 2023

We bring you a compilation of all the news that has been arriving in WhatsApp in 2023, and also all those that have been announced and are scheduled to arrive throughout the year. It is a list that we will be updating every few weeks so that you always have everything new in the messaging application close by.

WhatsApp usually launches news in very different ways. Sometimes it announces something that doesn’t arrive until several months later, and other times it implements a novelty without warning and it arrives without you realizing it. In the list, we’ll tell you the date each new arrival arrived or was announced so you can know that too.

The news of WhatsApp of 2023

  • January 9: Proxy support. It allows you to configure a proxy in WhatsApp that acts as an intermediate point between you and the WhatsApp server, thus avoiding geo blocks or government censorship.
  • January 17: Verification code without SMS. When you log in on a new device, the SMS with the verification code will first arrive as a notification on the other mobile where you use the app instead of directly by SMS.
  • February 7: New functions for the states. WhatsApp begins to add new functions for states: choose who can see them, the voice states, reactions to states, use WhatsApp avatars and preview the links you add.
  • February 14: More space in group descriptions. WhatsApp will expand the space it leaves to describe a group. The name will go from 25 to 100 characters, and the description from 512 to 2,048 characters.
  • February 14: Comments when submitting documents. If you send a document, you can now attach a text comment to explain it.
  • February 14: Send more photos and videos at once. The limit of media files sent at one time is now 100.
  • March 21: Group access control. You can set up a group so that you have to approve each person who wants to access it.

Announced features not yet released

  • October 14, 2022: Edition of messages. Still on the way and not here yet, it will possibly be the biggest feature to be added in 2023.
  • January 4: Save message. A new function that will replace the Highlight message, and that in addition to the name change will allow you to decide if you want to also save temporary messages.
  • January 6: Transfer chats. A function that will coexist with backup copies, and that will allow you to send your conversations from one Android mobile to another without the need for backup copies.
  • January 13: Block from chat list. It will allow you to block a contact directly from your conversation list by clicking on the chat with this person.
  • January 20: Send photos without losing quality. A new function on the screen to send images will give you the option to choose the quality with which to do it.
  • January 26: New text editor. More options will be added when you go to add texts in WhatsApp states.
  • January 30: New camera interface. WhatsApp will renew the interface of the camera function with which you take photos from the application itself. It also facilitates video recording and hides the gallery of the latest photos.
  • February 2: Direct access to calls. On Android, you can create shortcuts to make voice calls with specific WhatsApp contacts.
  • February 3: Pin messages in chats. It will allow you to put a pin to fix specific messages within the chats, to highlight those that you consider most important.
  • February 8: Schedule group calls. In a group, you can schedule calls so everyone knows the date and time they are scheduled.
  • March 1: Newsletters on WhatsApp. You can follow newsletters on WhatsApp, and in the status field, you can see the latest updates.
  • March 2: Silence notifications. In the notification field of a new WhatsApp message, you will see a mute button.
  • March 3: Best WhatsApp for tablets. WhatsApp will be better adapted to tablets with two columns with which to make better use of screen space.
  • March 6: Silence calls from strangers. You can activate an option so that calls from users that you do not have in your contacts are silenced by default.
  • March 7: Expiring groups. If a group has ceased to be of interest, you can configure it to be cleaned every so often.
  • April 3: Private and hidden chats. New functionality with which you will be able to create chats that are private, hidden, and protected with a fingerprint.