Why You Should Consider Siri Info Solutions

Why You Should Consider Siri Info Solutions
Siri Info Solutions

A private equity consortium firm, Siri Info Solutions offers IT staffing services to over 500 clients across the United States. The company claims to understand what drives specialty industries, and how to identify quality candidates for different industries. With this, Siri Info Solutions collaborates with employers to understand what drives their needs, and offers exact solutions to them.

Siri Staffing Services

Siri Info Solutions offers a wide array of professional staffing services. These are inclusive of:

  • Technical and professional staffing management
  • Traditional staffing
  • Direct placements
  • Contract staffing

They serve a wide array of clients across all fields such as financial services, banking, human resource, health care, insurance, telecom, retail, distribution, hospitality, and manufacturing.

Siri Info Solutions claims to understand what the employer’s business, and what drives specialty industries. It gets involved with such employers and employees on a personal basis and follows a disciplined process of noting the ideal candidates of each job. This is determined by the candidate’s skill, performance, and dedication.  Siri Info Solutions has served a number of multinational customers, which proves its expertise and competence in offering quality services.

Siri Info Solutions Services

  1. Application Development

Siri offers application development services meant to streamline business systems, processes, and information. Its application development process is well designed and is comprised of an entire SDLC (System Development Life Cycle). This handles strategy formulations, operations, deployment, and support.

Application Development Services Features

  • Good industry driven practices
  • Flexible and customizable
  • ISO and CMMI standards compliant
  • Reusable components respiratory
  • A knowledge base
  • Mandatory training to associates
  • Process integration with customers starts at project initiation.
  1. Data Warehousing

Siri Info Solutions stands out by making communication a priority in data management. They have over years developed worry-free and seamless data warehouse strategies that get rid of common drawbacks and facilitate complete non-invasive data respiratory, which enables clients to create reports and access all analytics required to drive business decisions.

Features of Siri Info Solutions Data Warehousing

a) Immediate Feedback on Market Changes

Data warehousing solutions by Siri keep users updated on what is happening in their immediate department, and also across different platforms. This implies that after getting this service, the client assumes total control of their data. He or she can see how integrated the data is, and get to know how market fluctuations are currently affecting returns on investment.

b) Redundancies and Mistakes Prevention

One of the most significant causes of data inconsistencies is human error. While completely eliminating mistakes is quite hard, Siri Data Warehousing helps minimize basic errors and duplication. Siri works with the user in developing and implementing a collaborative data environment where different data systems can communicate. The result of this is single entries being transferred and updated across different domain and channels, without outdated data, incomplete records, and duplicate manual entries.

c) Infrastructure Management

Siri Info Solutions has a properly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to give clients the assurance of superior performance and consistency.

d) Integrated Service Management

Siri Info Solutions has a management service for offering expert solutions for integrating humans, technology, and processes. This entails a tractable solution that combines specific resources and system tools that are aimed at surveying and maintaining business-elements performance. Their integrated service management revolves around service team, automation, and process administration.

  1. Network Management

Siri Info Solutions has a dossier of Network services that give customers responsive and fully integrated networks connecting their enterprises and ensuring secure and dependable real-time people and information access. The services are inclusive of network architecture, network audit, Remote Network outsourcing, network management, Network integration, and support.

i)Database Management

Siri Info Solutions data management services are secure, optimally managed, and enhance database productivity. Their services include database design, enhancement, upgrades, installation, capacity management, and backup or restoration. Siri Info Solutions has a proven track record of database management systems in different environments and multiple systems.

ii) Professional Services

Instant skill set requirements or need for strong internal controls makes an organization need a partner that can offer the resources as well as internal controls needed for meeting technology objectives.  Siri Info Solutions has an array of services designed for giving its clients a team that integrates into their organizations seamlessly. The service offers resources as well as internal controls needed for meeting technological needs. Value addition is done by a project manager, a lead designer, analyst, and a lead developer.

Siri Info Solutions professional services help clients in minimizing risks, recruitment, and administration costs.

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Siri Info Solutions has a good blend of flexible enterprise planning solutions meant to propel the right resources and meet the client’s business needs. Siri Info Solutions has an established delivery model as well as Metrics-Driven Management solutions to reduce the client’s risk and implementation cost.

Features of Siri Info Solutions ERP solutions

  1. They focus on People Soft, SAP, JD Edwards, and Oracle
  2. A methodology for shoring Enterprise Resource planning application support and maintenance
  3. Extended ERP solutions and new generation technologies.
  4. Implementation, rollout, application maintenance, and development services in Oracle and SAP among other ERPs
  5. E-Business Applications

Siri Info Solutions delivers web service and e-business solutions that help the business operate optimally. Their services feature B2B integration, Portal solutions, content management, data warehousing, business intelligence, web security, and business commerce.

Siri consulting

Siri Info Solutions offers strategic consulting to businesses across all industries. These services are inclusive of requirement definition, analysis, support expertise, design, and implementation ideas. Some services provided are optimizing applications, maintenance, monitoring, and measuring. Siri Info Solutions has strategic alliances with vendors and product manufacturers. They thus have come up with e-business solutions that minimize TCO while improving ROI.

Customer Relationship Management

Siri Info Solutions has customer management solutions that enable clients to address an array of CRM implementation in fields such as

  • Campaign management
  • Account management
  • Call center interactions
  • Customer retention

These strategic initiatives are meant to transform the manner in which businesses operate. Siri Info Solutions offers these CRM services with the aim of maximizing revenue, improving productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Siri Info Solutions Contact Details

Siri Info Solutions was founded in the year 2005, and its headquarters are in Edison. Being a privately held company, it has 201 to 500 employees. You can reach Siri through their website http://www.siriinfo.com.