Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED: this is how spectacular Xiaomi’s new OLED television is

  • Xiaomi presents its new high-performance Smart TV in China, the first with an OLED panel and at a price of only 650 euros.

Yesterday was the day chosen by Xiaomi to introduce us to its new Mi MIX 4 and Mi Pad 5. However, the new generation smartphone and tablet were not the only surprises that the prolific Haidian manufacturer had in store for us.

Not surprisingly, the impressive CyberDog robot left us speechless just before the Chinese giant also showed what will be its first smart TV with a high-performance OLED panel, which is already official in China as Mi TV 6 OLED and which begins its journey next August 16 as we were informed from GizmoChina.

Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED this is how spectacular Xiaomis new OLED television is

The appearance is spectacular, as always minimalist in true Xiaomi style, but with narrower bezels than ever and a minimum thickness of only 4.6 millimeters that does not prevent a design optimized for heat dissipation and hardware that will offer the maximum performance in a Smart TV of the highest performance.

“Xiaomi also presents in China its new Mi TV 6 OLED, a new generation of its high-end Smart TVs with an OLED panel and a price, as always in Xiaomi, of scandal.”

This is the Mi TV 6 OLED, and this is what it will cost in China at its launch.

Xiaomi’s new Smart TV has a 4K resolution OLED screen that takes advantage of up to 97% of the body, demonstrating those minimal bezels and offering a professional 10-bit color depth with a maximum brightness of 900 nits.

It features a 98.5% DCP-P3 color gamut with ΔE2 color accuracy, 1 millisecond grayscale response time, MEMC technology support, and a new hardware-level blue light filter to protect the vision of the users in prolonged periods in front of the TV.

Low and high frequencies. It obviously supports HDR content with Dolby Vision, HDR19, HDR10 +, and HLG licensing and support, plus quality sound from a dual-channel 12.5-watt four-unit speaker, with each channel separately using its own dual-channel speakers. It is also IMAX Enhanced Audio, and Video certified.

This is the Mi TV 6 OLED and this is what it will cost in China at its launch

As for hardware, it mounts a MediaTek MT9638 chipset with a Cortex-A55 quad-core processor up to 1.6 GHz, ARM Mali-G52 MC1 GPU, and 3 GB of RAM adding another 32 GB for internal storage.

The new Mi TV 6 OLED arrives in two versions with 55 and 65-inch screen diagonals, being available in China from next August 16 and with a launch offer that will end on August 18. Your prices? Well, the 55-inch variant costs 5,699 yuan (about 750 euros), with an offer of 4,999 yuan (650 euros more or less). Regarding the largest model, 65 inches, its price is 7,699 yuan (approximately 1,015 euros) with a limited offer of 6,999 yuan (about 925 euros at the current exchange rate).