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Greenland – The Extraterrestrial Objects Heading for the Disaster of Earthlings

Greenland is an interesting Americanised extraterrestrial movie from 2020 based on the disaster. It is a complete thriller and an entertainer made out of the creative direction of Ric Roman Waugh and under the power of transcription of Chris Sparling. A close-knitted family is on the brink of fighting their survival as the Comet is approaching at high speed to Earth. Many other families live on the Earth, and there is significance too. It is not only about the existence of life, but other valid reasons are going around to survive the fittest.

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The film came out in theatres in different territories. The film’s popularity was immense and got acclaim in addition to gathering several positive reviews across the globe. The film collected an impressive US $52.3 million.

The movie opens up in the home of John Garrity, who is the structural engineer residing in Atlanta, Georgia, with his alienated wife and Nathan, who is the diabetic son. After the day’s work, John has returned to his home and gets involved in the news that shows that an interstellar Comet called “Clarke” will soon arrive close to Earth’s atmosphere, and there is going to be destruction all around. Is the destruction devastating? Well, the space organization has already discovered the aftermath of destruction, and it is quite a concern now for John Garrity and his entire family. His diabetic son has started receiving tantrums, becoming disillusioned about everything.

The world, or rather a part of the atmosphere, will get through the physical and structural problems, and these problems will become serious in many ways. The dreadful event of Comet getting straight into Earth’s atmosphere will turn out to be a big conundrum for the people on Earth. There are reasons why the world is going to transform itself soon. The situations are despicable and contradictory.

John goes out to the grocery store for shopping, and this is where he is flashed by an automated DHS message, saying that he, along with his family, has been selected to go for an all-out sheltering. This seems to be the perfect news for John. He comes rushing home as he finds that a fragment of Comet has entered at high speed into the Earth’s atmosphere, and this is going to be devastating for everyone on the Earth. There is absolutely no prediction where the piece of rock will finally hit.

The Comet rock was earlier expected to hit in Bermuda, but eventually, it hits bad on Tampa, Florida, and the complete state is engulfed in vapors. Most of the population around there is turned into vapors, and the scene looks quite dreadful. The situation is turning quite critical in other states of America as well.

Meanwhile, John and his family are getting a wide range of instructions to get straight to the Robins Air Force Base and be a part of the evacuation flight. Clarke now gets straight on the collision path, and the news has become ripe that within a span of two days, there will be a cataclysmic event, which will happen and get around. One of the fragments of the Comet, which is heading straight onto the Earth’s surface, is vast enough and of the level that everything will lead to the development of a critical situation. This situation is not easy to handle, and the scientific community, including the space scientists, are getting concerned.

John and his family pack a few essential things to move to the Air Force base. He has left all other things in his home because he has no provisions to carry all other things with him. It is a state of emergency, and not much time has left.

Moreover, John cannot accompany any other individual around with him because of limited space and arrangements. The insulin injection of Nathan has also been left back in the car. John now runs to recover the insulin injection, while Allison will be taken to the Air Force base. After knowing that Nathan is not fit for evacuation, he is disqualified. As John is about to board the special plane, he knows that Allison and Nathan are not on the plane and that they were never allowed in the first instance.

In an utter hurry, John leaves the Air Force base, and the panicky crowd, which is held up across the fence, forces inside the tarmac, and gunfire is heard. It kindles the jet fuel resulting in blasts and destruction of many evacuation planes. John returns to his car, and he finds a handwritten note that reads that Allison and Nathan are visiting her father’s ancestral home located in Lexington, Kentucky. In an instance, Allison collects the essential medical supplies from a medical store, which the crowd has already looted. She also manages to find the hitching ride from Ralph and Judy Vento. Later, the whole incident becomes quite tragic, only to find thatRalph has kidnapped Nathan to use him for his benefit and board the evacuation plane.

After reaching Greenland, a comitial fragment hits the coast, and this is when the shockwave grounds the plane while the pilots are killed. Along with other passengers, the Garrity’s are taken to another place in the military truck. The fate is still undecided.

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