How To Create Website And Make It Visible On Google

How To Create Website And Make It Visible On Google

Creating a website is a challenging process. And making it visible to the Google search engine is even more difficult. In our new article, we will talk about the first topic and the second one. We will try to figure out how to quickly and efficiently create a new website, as well as how to make a website appear in Google search. Let’s look at the first topic first.

How to build a new website? Step-by-step guide

In order to build a new website, you need to go through a number of necessary steps. Let’s look at the main ones:

Make a plan and do conduct a research

First, create a plan in which you write down all the actions that you need to do in order to create a website. Then, conduct competitor and market research. Highlight the main points that you would like to implement in your site and start writing requirements.

Write website requirements

Determine the technical and design requirements for your site. Describe how you want your site to look. Determine what functionality will be on the site.

Find a contractor

Next, you should find a reliable contractor. You can find a good website development team on social networks, rating sites, or freelance platforms. When evaluating a team for your project, check the portfolio, team experience, team members’ personal qualities, and technical skills. Prepare questions for the interview in advance.

Build UI/UX design

Your next step should be to create a UI/UX design. UI design is everything the site user perceives visually (buttons, icons, site colors, etc.). It is essential to make a website not only visually appealing but also easy to use. UX design is responsible for the usability of the site. It is vital to make sure that every function of the website works smoothly and the user can quickly reach your website’s goal.

Website development and launch

Once the design is ready, you can submit it to the developers. Developers are responsible for the front-end and back-end of the website. When you have finished developing the site, you can safely show it to the world. However, it is essential to immediately use a good marketing strategy that will help your site increase visibility on google. But how to make websites appear in Google search? We have prepared for you some good tips on how to make a Google searchable website. Let’s look at them in detail.

Best tips to get website on Google

There are several working practices that you can use to improve your site’s visibility in the Google search engine:

Internal optimization

Its goal is to make the website as user-friendly and responsive as possible. The first thing you need to do is collect the semantics. Potential customers will search for you for certain words and phrases. Therefore, internal optimization begins with the collection of the so-called semantic core.

Next, add meta tags. The title, description, and alt meta tags are some of the most critical factors for SEO. It is also worth optimizing the content and images, you can read more about different strategies. Google is focused on useful and unique content that satisfies user needs. Regardless of whether you write texts yourself or order a copywriter, they should be:

  • containing keywords, but not spammed;
  • unique;
  • useful;

Technical optimization

These steps are necessary for the website to meet the technical requirements of search engines. First, you need to create an XML map. This is the name of the list of all site pages available to search engines. With it, you show the robots which pages they should index.

Second, check the security protocol. A set of letters indicates the security protocol before the domain name: http or https. Google recommends that websites use the secure https protocol.

Third, increase your download speed. If a site takes a full two seconds to load, the bounce rate increases by 103 percent. For every additional second, the conversion rate drops another 7 percent.

It is also essential to adapt the site for mobile devices. Most requests today are made from mobile devices. Design a mobile version of the site so as not to spoil the user experience.

External optimization

The more links a resource receives from other resources, the higher its authority is in search engines’ eyes, hence the ranking. Getting those links takes time and effort.

First, create quality content. For your content to be wanted to be shared, it should meet all the requirements that we wrote about in the content section: be unique, useful, and expert.

Second, find places for backlinks. It can be:

  • guest posting service: you write for another site, giving a link to your resource. You can try this website to know more and test guest blogging.
  • crowd marketing: links on platforms where users themselves create content: forums, sites with questions and answers;
  • online resources where competitors place backlinks.


Creating a new site and increasing the site’s visibility in Google requires preparation, a good team, and knowledge. We hope our new article will help you create a great and useful site for users, as well as make it as visible as possible in the Google search engine. So listen to advice, and don’t forget to plan and study working practices.