5 Best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Online iOS 15 Supported


Do you have an iDevice with iCloud Activation Lock? Are you familiar with the term “activation lock”? You don’t have to be concerned because you aren’t the only one dealing with this issue. This blog will help you solve your problem. When you can’t remember your login information, you’ll need to remove iCloud Activation Lock. To acquire all of the assistance you require, read this article. This is the ideal location for you.

Users who get trapped on the iCloud Activation Lock screen on their iOS devices can use iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools. These tools are useful for folks who have forgotten or lost their iCloud account login credentials. You may have heard about various free online iCloud Activation

Lock removal programs that claim to unlock your iPhone. Still, you should be cautious because some

of these free online iCloud Activation Lock removal apps are scams that won’t unlock your iOS device at all. There is a slew of free web tools for removing the iCloud activation lock in recent times, and they can be a tempting alternative for getting access to your iCloud device. However, all too frequently, companies are unable to provide the high-quality solutions we require.

I will share the 5 top iPhone Activation Unlock software in 2022 with you in this post. These iCloud Activation Lock removal methods are extremely effective and completely secure.

StarzSoft Keypass

The StarzSoft KeyPass professional iCloud removal tool is one of the first software options you should consider if you’ve been seeking an iOS program to remove iCloud activation locks from your device.

StarzSoft KeyPass is one of the most up-to-date and high-tech iCloud removal solutions available. The free trial allows customers to see if the program is suitable for their device’s unlocking needs. As a result, while the StarzSoft KeyPass application isn’t completely free, it’s a superb alternative to the low-quality and frequently useless free online iCloud activation lock removal solutions.

Is StarzSoft KeyPass that good?

  1. Assured high quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to discover a tool that compares to StarzSoft KeyPass to high-quality solutions. With endorsements from a slew of well-known blogs and businesses, like iPhone Hacks, iMore, and the Tech Times, as well as a slew of five-star evaluations, you can rest assured that the app will provide excellent assistance for your smartphone.
  1. User-friendly. It has a success record of 98 percent or higher, as well as a money-back guarantee in the event that the tool does not perform, making it fully risk-free for consumers! Many iCloud activation lock removal that is free online 2021 tools, on the other hand, is harmful and can threaten your safety. Don’t take a chance; instead, make the best decision for your iCloud activation unlocking demands!

How To Use StarzSoft KeyPass

Using the StarzSoft KeyPass program to remove iCloud activation locks from your smartphone is a very quick and easy process. We’ve outlined the steps below; fortunately, they’re really simple to follow!

STEP 1: Go to the developer’s website and download the tool on your device. Choose the unlocking mode you need. You have two options: unlock the screen passcode or remove the activation lock; you should choose the latter.

StarzSoft KeyPass Step 1

STEP 2: Link your iOS device to your computer via a USB cable once you’ve selected the “Remove Activation Lock” unlocking mode. Before proceeding, let the tool recognize the device.

StarzSoft KeyPass Step 2

STEP 3: Now, all you have to do is wait! The StarzSoft KeyPass program automatically takes out the activation lock from your iOS device, so you don’t have much to do but sit back and wait for it to finish. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

StarzSoft KeyPass Step 3

With that in mind, it’s critical that we emphasize two points.

  1. First, every jailbreaking method that removes the iOS device activation lock wipes your iPad’s data. As a result, you must constantly make a backup of your data (if you haven’t already) to avoid losing any information, images, or other files.
  1. Also, never detach your iPhone or iPad from the computer when circumventing the activation lock, as this may cause irreversible damage to your device!

Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

The DoulCi iCloud unlocking tool is among the most well-known names in the iCloud unlocking industry, and it was one of the first tools to be made available to the general public.

Unfortunately, because the developers are no longer working on the tool, it can only be obtained through third-party websites, putting consumers in danger of downloading an infected version. It’s also worth noting that the DoulCi iCloud unlocking tool hasn’t been updated in a while, so it’ll only work on older iOS versions.

iCloud Activation Bypass Tool 1.4

iCloud Activation Bypass Tool

Although the iCloud Activation bypass tool V1.4 is a secure alternative for iPhone unlocking, StarzSoft has a few noticeable advantages that make it a more dependable solution.

Because of its poor download rates and difficulty of use, it only has a success rate of about 65 percent, and while it may be an option to consider, other tools may be more reliable and effective.

Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool.

Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool

The Open my iCloud tool is a popular iCloud unlocking method for some devices because it is quick and reliable. Unfortunately, the utility is outdated and can only be used with slightly earlier versions and gadgets; it also won’t work on Mac computers.

Finally, the program is only available through third-party sites, which, like the DoulCi utility, puts you in danger of downloading viruses and spyware onto your smartphone. Nonetheless, if you’ve been seeking a program to unlock your iCloud-locked device, the Open my iCloud app is worth considering due to its quick turnaround times and positive reputation.



The Doctor Unlocker approach doesn’t require any software means you won’t have to download anything onto your device. Doctor Unlocker, on the other hand, operates remotely to restore access to your iPhone or iOS device. The efficient services and the fact that you don’t have to download software are two noteworthy advantages of this alternative. It is, however, slower than the other alternatives on this list, and it increases the risk of your personal information being disclosed.


Whenever you find yourself locked out of your valuable iDevice due to an activation lock, investing in the right unlocking equipment or software is essential because it not only unlocks your device but also safeguards your privacy and important data. When that time comes, choose a dependable instrument like the StarzSot Keypass to get the finest results.