3 advantages and 2 disadvantages of using AirPods with an Android mobile


What are the most popular wireless headphones on the market? Of course, Apple’s AirPods. And it is that these tiny devices take over more than half of the Bluetooth headset market and all this despite the detractors of the firm of the bitten apple.

Most Apple users will bet on AirPods but, is it worth paying for it if we are users of an Android phone? Let’s analyze it.

Advantages of using AirPods with an Android mobile

Simple to use and configure

Simple to use and configure

Pairing AirPods on Android is almost as simple as using them on an Apple phone. You just have to put them in pairing mode, access the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone, and select them.

Quickly and efficiently, we can start listening to our favorite music on Spotify on our new AirPods. The best? That the sound quality is practically the same on Android as on iOS as well as its battery life, so if you have gone from the ecosystem of the bitten apple to that of the green robot, you will not find any difference.

Excellent quality

Not another thing, but Apple knows how to make quality products, and AirPods are. For many, they can be somewhat expensive, but the construction and materials of the AirPods have nothing to do with the majority of Bluetooth headphones on the market.

What does this mean? Well, Apple’s AirPods will last us for years, something that, unfortunately, we cannot say about many other cheaper headphones. Of course, we cannot forget the excellent after-sales service of the Cupertino company either.

Finally … they are from Apple

Finally ... they are from Apple

It may be the dumbest excuse, but we cannot deny that many people buy products for their brand. Apple is a globally recognized brand, and when you see AirPods on the street, you know perfectly well that they are Apple devices.

You know, posturing is posturing.

Disadvantages of using AirPods with an Android mobile

Some functions are lost

Some functions are lost

Although the quality of using it on an Android and iOS phone is almost the same, the truth is that using AirPods on an Android phone causes many functions to be lost. We talk about the beautiful integration that different Apple devices have with each other, which makes changing from an iPad to an iOS mobile or an iPad with AirPods something instantaneous.

Of course, other features are also lost, such as knowing the battery level of the AirPods or the fact that we have to manually pair them with the Android phone every time we want to use them.

The damn lightning cable

While most technology devices already have a USB-C cable to charge them, Apple continues in most of its devices with its lightning line. Although there is a cable in the box with the AirPods, only this cable will serve us to charge them, so the rest of the wires that we have from other Android phones will not work for us.

In short, are AirPods for Android worth it? If you already had them because you were previously iOS users, go ahead with them, use them. On the other hand, if you buy them new, better get other models on the market because, unfortunately, AirPods takes one hundred percent with the Apple ecosystem.