Best 4 Smart TVs You Should Check Out for 2021

Since more people are switching from television networks to streaming services, the demand for smart TV has multiplied greatly. Smart TVs are great in many ways, and they definitely help to create a more enjoyable television watching experience. Walk into any electronics store and you will a ton of great options but that can also be overwhelming because there are so many different brands and sizes to choose from. To make it easier for you to choose the best, we have listed a few of the top smart TVs that you can get for your home.

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV

Samsung TV - BestSmartTVs

Samsung is easily one of the best manufacturers for television sets and their smart TV line-up is even more impressive. The Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV really shows off the quality of Samsung’s televisions because it combines the tech giant’s highly refined quantum dot technology with a mini-LED backlight to offer one of the best television displays on the market. As for the colour and brightness, you will definitely not be disappointed by what this TV can offer.

This smart TV also comes with tons of intelligent features and TV functions. The Dolby Atmos sound also helps to create top-quality audio for an immersive watching experience. The refresh rate for television is 120Hz, which is already great for action movies and series but can also provide a smooth gaming experience. The best part is that everything is packed into a sleek and stunning design that is only 1-inch thick and weighs less than 25kg. The television also comes with an eco-friendly accessory – the solar-powered remote control, which reduces the need to constantly swap out the batteries.

Sony Bravia XR A80J

Sony TV - BestSmartTVs

Sony is another huge name in the television business, and they do not play around when it comes to their TVs. The Sony Bravia XR A80J is just one of the smart TV offered by the company but it is easily one of the best. It is especially great for streaming because with the television, users can have access to Google TV streaming and Sony’s very own Bravia Core service. Not to mention, other streaming apps and sites like Netflix and YouTube. When it comes to performance, this television goes above and beyond, and it is packed with the latest technology like HDR and Acoustic Surface Audio+.

Of course, the television still excels in all the basics like the colours, the contrasts, and the viewing angles. It also handles upscaling very well so even if you are watching a cable network broadcast, you will still be treated with amazing images. There is also the 120Hz refresh rate that will guarantee a smooth viewing experience. This Sony television set might not be the cheapest on the market, but it is definitely one of the best so you will not regret getting this for your home.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55″

Mi TV - BestSmartTVs

Xiaomi might not be the first name you think of when it comes to television, but the Chinese tech company can easily step up the big names when it comes to their home appliances. The Mi LED TV 4S is just one of the few smart TV offered by Xiaomi and the specs do not disappoint. Firstly, it is a 4K television with HDR so the viewers will be provided with high-definition visuals that are true to life. There is also Dolby audio so that you can enjoy stunning sounds with your favourite movies and series.

As for the “smart” part of this smart TV, you will be pleased to know that this Xiaomi television comes with Google Assistant that is built into the Android TV as well as Smart Home technology. This means that you can easily control the television with your voice. There are also tons of cable ports for both USB and HDMI that you can use to connect your entertainment devices to the television. Overall, this Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S has a lot to offer which is why you should give it the chance it deserves.


LG TV - BestSmartTVs

LG smart TVs have come a long way since the first model was introduced and the company is constantly improved and innovating its smart television offerings. One of their best at the moment is the LG CX OLED, which is already a great television with a premium OLED display but is made better with brilliant smart TV technology. Asides from the built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, the television also comes with tons of other smart features, including the smart home control and the intuitive motion-control remote. Both of which, are aimed at homeowners who want a seamless and connected way to control the advanced appliances in their home.

Obviously, the features are not the only selling point to this smart TV because LG did not skimp on the quality. Along with the improved OLED display, the smart TV also comes with Dolby Vision IQ which will detect the lighting of the surround to adjust the HDR of the television accordingly. There are also state-of-the-art sound capabilities with AI-powered audio tuning. Interestingly, this LG smart TV series is also the only one in this list that offers a size lower than 50-inches, with the lowest available option being 44-inches. Overall, the LG CX OLED is amazing in many different ways and even though the price tag might just turn people away, there is no doubt that this smart TV will be worth every single penny.