How to fix LG TV’s Magic Remote Not Working Issue


magic remote LG not working

LG TV’s remote has a simple and user-friendly interface based on the many technological iterations. The most recent release is LG magic remote control. Users can now navigate various options without the need for a complex series of menus. However, the LG TV magic remote may fail to work due to multiple issues. Nevertheless, there are easy-to-follow fixes that users can use in case of technical problems. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to reset the LG TV magic remote.

What’s LG Smart TV Magic Remote?

LG magic remote uses a trackball feature that allows the user to navigate using the cursor on the LG TV screen, just like the PC’s mouse. However, unlike an ordinary remote, it’s connected to the TV via Bluetooth and has distinctive buttons. The universal remote is used to control the LG TV and other devices.

If the user has brand-new magic remote, an initial connection is required. Then, one has to check whether the batteries work and if they need to reset the remote and reconnect it to the TV.

How to Pair A Remote to LG Smart TV

Different TV brands have distinct remote-control features, and the pairing process is different. Here are the steps to sync your Magic Remote to your LG smart TV:

  • Switch on your TV set
  • Insert New Batteries into the magic remote
  • Find ideal proximity to your LG TV and press “OK” on the remote. First, you need to ensure no obstruction between the remote signal and the LG TV.
  • Hold down the “OK” magic remote button until you see a message on your TV screen indicating that the pairing process is successful.

How to Reset Your LG TV Remote

If the magic remote fails to sync with your LG TV, you’ll need to reset it. The LG smart TV magic remote is easy to reset since the user holds down the “Home” and “Back” buttons concurrently for 5 seconds until you see a flash on your remote’s power button.

Some models have been programmed to perform resetting and pairing functionalities on your TV with one button. After the reset process, the user must follow the steps outlined above and pair the magic remote with the LG smart TV.

LG Magic Remote Cursor Not Working

LG Magic Remote Cursor Not Working

Users may notice that the remote is functional, but one can’t see the cursor. There’s a likelihood that the user has activated the “Audio Guidance” functionality, which disables the magic remote cursor by default. Here are the simple steps to disable it:

  • Go to remote Settings
  • Scroll down to Accessibility
  • Select Audio Guidance and Toggle off

The steps above are for disabling the functionality, and the cursor should be displayed.

LG Smart TV Magic Remote Not Working

If the reset or re-pair options do not work for the user, there may be other factors that one needs to consider on the magic remote, and they include:

  • Discharged Batteries-the initial stage involves testing whether the batteries are working, and when you press any button on the remote, the power button must light up. If not, you can replace the remote batteries with new ones. The magic remote power button is designed to light up upon switching off the linked device, and failure to produce light indicates that the batteries have drained and need to be replaced.
  • Firmware Issues– if your TV’s magic remote control doesn’t connect to your LG device, the message on the screen may state that you need to update the software. It’s done through the LG TV Smart Update app. Software updates do not interfere with your settings or content; they update programs and system files. However, you may do a few things if you’re having difficulties updating your TV software.
  • Need to Reset the LG Remote– you’ll need to reset the remote’s settings if you’re convinced that changing the batteries isn’t the problem. It’s achievable by switching the LG TV off, then pressing and holding the “RESET” button found at the back of the remote for 10 seconds. Further, turn the remote on as you still hold the Reset button down until you see a new screen. Various models may require different reset processes. Again, you can refer to the magic remote manual for further information.
  • Defective Buttons– the Magic Remote sends a coded signal to ensure that your commands are executed flawlessly. However, if the magic remote buttons are damaged, they are likely to send wrong alerts or fail to respond to commands. In addition, the remote may issue random commands on its own. For example, it may turn the TV on or off on rare occasions.
  • Faulty Remote-if your LG magic remote isn’t functional, there might be something wrong with the remote. Most users have raised complaints regarding LG remotes, and you might need to replace them if they are faulty.

LG TV Not Responding to Magic Remote: Possible Causes

Numerous aspects may prevent the LG TV from responding to the magic remote, and the user needs to check on the following possible causes:

  • Blocked Signal– Infrared beams communicate between the LG TV and magic remote control. Therefore, the remote must have a clear line of sight to the TV to control the gadget. If the remote doesn’t function, it’s possible to be obstructed by an object. You can resolve this by removing obstructions found between your remote and the TV. The LG Magic Remote is designed to control your TV from a distance; however, it may not work if there are objects that block the signal.
  • Defective Infrared Beam Receptor– there’s a likelihood that your LG TV set isn’t responding to the magic remote-control signal. The dust or a sticker may obstruct the receptor, causing your remote to be unresponsive. In addition, if the remote sensor is damaged, the signal can’t be transmitted to the LG TV successfully. Fixing the signal receptor or cleaning it can help resolve the issue. You can also Unplug the TV and wait a few minutes for the capacitor to charge before proceeding. When you’re done, wipe the back of your TV with a clean cloth to remove any dust or other particles that might be clogging the sensor. Then countercheck your remote to make sure nothing is blocking the signal.
  • Old Firmware Issues– Using obsolete television software can cause your magic remote controller to become unresponsive. The user needs to use the little controller found on the back of the LG TV to resolve the issue. It will make it function like a TV remote, allowing users to schedule and watch recordings and access the menu by browsing a specific channel. The only disadvantage is that the back controller will not update your software. Your TV software may be outdated if your remote controller isn’t working. You can update it by pressing the power button on the back of your TV and following the on-screen directions to install the updated software.
  • Interference from LED Lights– LG TV remotes may become unresponsive if there are other light sources around. When the remote control sends out a separate signal, another light will flicker or turn on and off. LED or fluorescent lighting can cause your LG TV remote to stop working. To resolve the issue, turn off all other lights in the room before testing the remote control. Try relocating your new television away from the additional light source if that doesn’t work.
  • Signal Interference-there’s a need to ensure the correct signal transmission, and the user needs to turn off all the electronic devices that can interfere with the signal. Some devices include the antenna, electronic devices near the LG TV set, or connections to the LG TV’s USB ports. After following the steps above, you can resolve your LG magic remote issues. It’s crucial to follow all the guidelines precisely and use the remote manual instructions. If all the approaches fail, you can seek a replacement with your warranty or look for an expert.

LG WebOs Magic Remote

If the techniques to resolve your magic remote fail, you can use a mobile app as a last resort. The LG webOS Magic Remote can be a viable option for you. You can install the app and pair the LG TV. Both the LG TV and the mobile must share the same network. The phone serves as a magic remote for your entertainment. Users can move the cursor by pointing at the TV, creating custom layouts, and switching channels, among other functionalities.

Final Verdict

The LG Magic Remote is renowned for its outstanding features that provide users with seamless entertainment options and experiences. It’s easy to set up and reset the magic remote on your LG smart TV.

However, the magic remote may fail to pair for various reasons, including disrupted IR signals, far proximity to the LG TV set, and drained batteries. If the magic remote fails to work after re-pairing or resetting, your TV components may be defective, and you need technical support.