How to Fix LG TV That Won’t Turn On


LG TV won't turn on

Most electronic devices, including LG smart TVs, are prone to break down due to the failure of some components. Therefore, users must understand how to troubleshoot their LG TV when faced with such issues, including if it won’t turn on.

If the LG smart TV won’t turn on but displays a red light, the user can use the power button to switch it on manually. However, if the TV keeps flashing or clicking, there need to seek help from the LG support team. Here’s your guide on how to resolve your LG TV that won’t turn on.

Why Is My LG TV Not Turning On

LG TV won’t turn on due to various reasons, including:

Faulty Power Supply: One can test the power source and the power cable using a tester. If the power supply is defective, the user needs to plug the LG smart TV into a different power outlet. LG TV Power cable may bend or break due to exerted stress, causing the TV not to switch on.

Outdated TV Firmware: Once the TV’s firmware is outdated, the user may not be aware, and the newly downloaded updates have not been installed. The issue results from old files found on the TV’s hard drive, system viruses, or corrupted files. An expert update can resolve the problem to restore the functions of the LG TV.

Low Voltage: Power supply on low voltage may alter the functioning of an LG TV, and the TV won’t turn on. The user can resolve this by ensuring the power supply has a balanced voltage. There’s a need to find an electrical engineer to make the changes.

Motherboard Issue: Physical damage to the LG TV motherboard may require a replacement. The damage leads to the total inability of the functionalities and components.

How to Resolve LG TV Won’t Turn On

Several guidelines can help one fix an LG TV that won’t turn on. In addition, the instructions below can help address the issue.

Check Connections

It’s essential to ensure that everything is connected correctly. The user needs to check the cables connected to the LG TV and inspect the following:

  • Cables Hanging Out of the Socket-ensure the cables are plugged into the socket firmly since they can become loose during cleaning or if someone interfered with the wires.
  • Damaged Cables-repair is needed on exposed wires, especially power cables.

After confirming that the cables have been plugged incorrectly, the user can perform an electrical test on the main outlet. One can also unplug the TV cable and insert it into a different power source to check if it’s working. If the issue does not result from the main outlet or cables, there’s a need to seek technical support.

The LG TV won’t turn on due to other electrical devices plugged into the extension. The user can test the electrical connections and identify the weak power links by doing the following:

  • Unplug high electricity consuming devices on the extension, then turn on the LG TV
  • Disconnect the TV from the extension cord and do a direct plug-in into the main socket, then try to switch on the TV.
  • Having tested the power cables and the TV fails to turn on, you’ll require to try out other fixes.
  • Switching the TV on Using the Power Button

Your LG TV won’t turn on since your remote control is faulty. However, you can try turning the TV on using the power button at the bottom of the screen or on the panel under the LG TV logo. If the power button doesn’t turn on the TV, further diagnosis and fixes need to be done.

Unblocking the IR Sensors

The LG TV On and OFF functions are powered using Infrared light Rays (IR). Therefore, the user needs to remove obstructions that may block the IR signal sent from the remote control to the TV. For instance, most LG TV sensors are at the bottom right corner of the TV screen. In addition, users need to avoid placing hands over the top end of their remote control to prevent blocking the remote sensors. Another remote-control fix is by replacing drained batteries.

Resetting the Remote Control

For the user to ensure the remote control is functional, they can perform the following based on the model they are using. With an infrared LED LG remote control, the user needs to:

  • Place the remote on the lens of a smartphone
  • Open the camera app and set the remote transmitter close to the lens, then press the Power button
  • The user will see the LED light up on the smartphone’s screen

The LED light indicates that the remote control is functional; if not, one needs to replace the batteries and retry the test process. If the remote doesn’t use Infrared LED, one can replace the remote-control batteries and try to turn the LG TV. If the latter fails, the user needs to find a compatible and functional remote control. If the fixes fail, one can reset the remote control to fix the issues by doing the following:

  • Remove the remote batteries at the back panel
  • Press and hold down the remote’s power button for about 20 seconds
  • Replace batteries
  • Test whether the remote is powering on the TV

Unplug The TV

Unplug The TV

If you unplug the LG TV from the power supply and plug it back, there’s an energy boost that can enable it to power on from the trance. A power surge could also lead to the LG TV not turning on. Some LG TV models have a detachable power cord on their rear panel, and the user can handle this by the steps below:

  • Disconnect the detachable power cord and let it remain unplugged for about 10 seconds
  • Plug the power cord into the LG TV
  • Switch on the TV using the power button

Reset the LG TV

If the LG TV won’t turn on after all the above-described attempts, the user needs to reset the TV. One can manually reset the LG TV by following the steps below:

  • Unplug the TV cable from the mains
  • Press and hold the TV’s power button for 30 seconds
  • Leave the LG TV unplugged for about two more minutes
  • Plug in the TV and try to switch it on using its power button

What to Do If the LG TV Won’t Turn On

Have you tried to resolve the LG TV won’t turn on with the fixes discussed, and the TV keeps throwing tantrums? There’s a likelihood that your TV set has faulty components. Some of the possible reasons may include:

  • Defective TV capacitors that require a replacement.
  • Electrolyte fluid is spilling from one of the TV capacitors.
  • One of the vents is bulging.

With the correct equipment and a little expertise, you can replace and repair capacitor vents at home. However, it is not advised that you do so. The back panel of the TV must be removed and pulled apart to replace these parts. It’s something that would void your warranty right away. It may also put you in danger electrically. However, here are some vital tips that you can use to enable the LG smart TV to turn on:

  • Ensure your warranty is valid and won’t cost additional charges for your repair
  • Follow the fixes provided in this guide, and call an expert if the fixes discussed do not resolve your LG TV issues.
  • Ensure your LG TV undergoes periodic repair and services in case there are any indicators of faulty components.
  • Connect the LG smart TV to the recommended power outlet with balanced voltage to avoid power surge.

If you can’t locate the root of the problem despite following all the steps on the guide, you’ll need to contact a repair shop that can inspect the device since the issue could be serious and might require technical skills. Different personnel can assist you if your LG smart TV doesn’t turn on:

  • The LG support service can analyze the condition of your LG smart TV and provide relevant instructions
  • The LG TV repair specialists, preferably from LG authorized center, can obtain the complaint and follow up on a replacement if your warranty is valid.
  • Distributors can offer after-sales service by requesting repair or exchange of the same model of your TV set.

Final Word

Having LG TV that won’t turn on is daunting to your entertainment. The guide provides insight into resolving the TV won’t turn on the problem using various approaches. First, users must identify the proper power connection and enhance the longevity of all the LG TV components. Failure of one component leads to a total breakdown of the TV functionalities.

If the instructions above won’t turn on your LG TV, you’ll require an electrician to check if the TV has blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker. In addition, if you’ve replaced the remote-control batteries and the IR signal can’t be transmitted while turning on your LG TV, you’ll need to seek help from the LG support team.