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Carter Smart Funeral Home: The Uber of Funeral Homes - funeral service

The funeral service is a critical moment for those who have lost a loved one. It often marks the commencement of collective mourning. This is a time to receive condolences, share memories, and bid goodbye. Friends, family members, and others are provided with a special opportunity to honor their loved one and pay their last respects.

Funeral homes are tasked with the special responsibility of organizing a final ceremony that offers an opportunity for those affected to support and encourage each other through grief. They curate services in line with the wishes of family members —be it an executor named in a legal will or immediate next of kin — and friends. More often than not, the funeral home handles the necessary permits, paperwork, as well as other details, including availing the obituaries to the appropriate news media and initiating the necessary arrangements with the cemetery.  These efforts bring about a meaningful service that provides everyone with a chance to pronounce their final farewells.

Carter smart funeral home stands out as a top funeral home that leverages technology to send of the dead in the most efficient, responsible, and respectable way. For instance, they have a highly functional and responsive website from where potential clients can access all their services. Their experienced and caring team of professionals also promise to support you all the way through the journey of grief. They offer this by giving you access to their wide range of personalized services that are tailored to your family’s requirements and wishes. They usually plead with you to count on their expertise and commitment to assist you with planning a personal, memorable, and lasting send off for your loved one. And since they recognize that at such a challenging time you are often expected to make various decisions —which can sometimes be overwhelming—they are dedicated to carefully guiding you through the whole process.

Their number one aim is to offer you immediate assistance at any time of the week. As such, you are encouraged to contact them at any time. Furthermore, you are encouraged to visit their funeral home for a face-to-face correspondence at your convenience. The fact that you have full access to their website, which is full a high volume of information, resources, and tools, also means that you can educate yourself on various matters at the comfort of your home.

Of course any funeral home can make outrageous claims about how they are best in the industry. There’s freedom of speech after all, right? But when the rubber meets the road, and every organization is challenged to prove their claims, that’s when you truly realize who is for real and who is not. Carter Smart Funeral Home, for instance, has served the Duncan community and its environs diligently for close to 60 years. If this isn’t proof of topnotch service and commitment then we don’t know what is. Over many years of the organization’s service, they have come to learn of the uniqueness that every family exhibits. Every family member walks in with their fair share of financial and emotional needs, so the organization has to work extremely hard to meet them.


This organization also incorporates a special kind of convenience where anyone could make arrangements for their own funeral service in advance. This phenomenon is referred to as pre-arrangements. You are provided with the opportunity to make critical decisions about your final arrangements in a manner that best reflects your precise desires and wishes. Pre-arrangements not only aid with eliminating burden on your loved ones, but they also eradicate the differences, questions, and problems that can arise among family members.

Moreover, pre-payment cushions you against the rising cost of prices, thereby easing the financial burden of those you love. Planning ahead assures you that your desires and wishes will be adhered to.

This organization has even gone as far as making the process effortless for you by enabling you to do everything within the comfort of your home. All you have to do is fill in a pre-arrangements form via the website. You are encouraged to fill in as much information as you are willing to provide, and engage in a discussion with the organization afterwards.

Grief Support

Carter Smart Funeral Home’s support does not just end with their funeral/bereavement services. They go as far as offering you useful “Grief Support” even long after you have laid your loved one to rest. For over a year after losing your loved one, you will receive a grief support message every single day. In addition, they website’s “Grief Support” section directs you to various resourceful grief support destinations, including Willowgreen, Growth House, Grief & Loss section of The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) website, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and more.

View Obituaries and Order Flowers With Ease

Again, this organization leverages high level technology to streamline the funeral services they are tasked with organizing and running. For instance, regardless of where you are, you can directly view obituaries, order flowers, access and sign the condolences book, share valuable memories, and more to honor and celebrate your loved ones.

Carter Smart Funeral Home: The Uber of Funeral Homes - directly order flowers

This is quite an upgrade from the services offered by your traditional funeral home.

Choosing Between Burial and Cremation

Carter Smart Funeral Home: The Uber of Funeral Homes - scattering cremated remains

For many years, the most prevalent way of disposing of remains of loved ones has been through burial in a casket. Another method practiced as often is entombment. Nonetheless, cremation is becoming increasingly popular mainly because it is less expensive, and provides for the memorial service to be carried out at a more convenient date when family members, friends, and others can come together.

A funeral service preceding cremation doesn’t always have to be different from one preceding a burial. Normally, cremated remains are kept in an urn before they are committed to a final resting location. The urn can be buried, kept in an outdoor or indoor columbarium or mausoleum, or inurned in a special urn garden that various cemeteries offer for cremated remains. Also, the remains can be scattered, depending on the laws that apply in your region.