Discover The Best Ergonomic Office Stools For Maximum Comfort


Research shows that too much sitting and too much standing are harmful to one’s health. The key is finding a middle ground between the two. One way to do that is to use sit-stand desks, which can be raised or lowered, so the user stays fresh and productive throughout the day.

Since too much standing can be as harmful as too much sitting, there is need for a sitting solution that rises beyond the normal office chair. That’s where ergonomic office stools come in. They have the ability to improve posture, which is vital since poor posture is a leading cause of degenerative disc diseases and back pain.

Getting used to sitting on a chair without a back helps to build strength in one’s back and core. Therefore, this form of sitting known as active sitting helps to improve posture naturally, both when one is using an ergonomic office stool and a regular office chair.

Some ergonomic office stools also include the ability to wobble while seated. The resulting dynamic form of sitting is essential for eliminating unhealthy posture, and embracing proper posture.

This article highlights some of the best ergonomic office stools that are sure to transform one’s sitting experience in the office for the better. Enjoy!

1. Ergostool

As far as ergonomic office stools go, the Ergostool still remains one of the best options to go for.

It’s a multi-functional office stool perfect for use at a standing desk. The fact that it’s height adjustable over a 10 inch range also means that it would work for a regular desk as well.

This ergonomic office stool is designed to encourage active (or dynamic) sitting which is ideal for improving posture and toning muscles. The ‘wobbly’ weighted base offers excellent traction on a wide range of surfaces, thus allowing unlimited motion for the user.

2. Swopper Height Adjustable Stool

Swopper Height Adjustable Stool

The Swopper Stool truly stands out as a great ergonomic office stool. While it’s not perfect, it’s worth every dime one pays for it.

Its height adjustable capability comes in handy when there’s need to switch between sitting and perching. This stool is ideal for users in need of an ergonomic office stool to counter hip and back issues.

There’s also the option of purchasing a backrest together with the seat. Nevertheless, it’s better to go without the backrest if promoting proper posture is one of the aims of the user.

3. Turnstone Buoy Ergonomic Office Stool

For those who are not a fan balance ball chairs, the Turnstone Buoy ergonomic office stool could be a good alternative. It promises great posture for a better sitting experience, and comes with a flat top for improved balance.

The base of the chair swivels to allow the user to twist and turn, rock backward and forward, and stretch their legs. The stool comes with a pneumatic height adjustable feature that allows the user to raise and lower it to their desired position. There’s even a built-in handle to enable easy movement.

One downside with this ergonomic office stool, however, is that the seat area doesn’t have sufficient cushioning, hence it’s likely to make one butt sore if used for extended periods of time.

4. Gaiam Balance Ball Ergonomic Office Stool

The Gaiam Balance Ball ergonomic office stool is a good alternative if the user finds active balance chair a bit too active.

This office stool employs micro-movements to allow one’s muscles to slightly compensate for their movements, rather than force their legs to continually support their weight. Consequently, this ergonomic office stool not only helps the user to improve their posture, but also tone their muscles.

The stool is height adjustable from a height of 18 inches up to 23 inches, making it ideal for use in the office, classroom, and office.

5. Mobis Ergonomic Office Stool

Mobis Ergonomic Office Stool

The Mobis ergonomic office seat is designed with a special tilting mechanism that encourages an enhanced sitting posture. It’s built to provide a tilt — from hip to torso — of 130 up to 135 degrees, which is considered the most suitable angle for an ergonomic office stool.

Tilting about the stated angles helps to reduce pressure on the hips and back, and engages the muscles. This posture is far better than standing for extended periods of time.

6. Safco Ative Seating Chair

The Safco ergonomic office stool features a striking and sleek design but that’s not all. It also stands out as one of the top active seating chairs for improving posture and working core muscles.

The base of the stool is designed to stick firmly to the ground as one leans and sits on the stool, causing the legs to hold some portion of the weight. Every time the user sits is an opportunity to not only enhance their posture, but also tone and strengthen their muscles.

7. Ballo Ergonomic Office Stool

Designed by Humanscale, this ergonomic office stool was meant to be an improvement of the typical traditional exercise ball, popular among office workers yearning for an alternative and healthier style of sitting at their desk.

Ballo Ergonomic Office Stool

The advantage this office stool has over the Ballo Stool is that it’s both compact and is easy to store when not in use.

Notable features include a built-in handle for enhanced movement, extra comfort, and eco-friendly material (TPV).


Although ergonomic office chairs are a common fixture at almost all offices, ergonomic office stools offer an unmatched level of functionality that every office user yearns for. They are built to encourage active sitting, alleviating the hips and back of excessive pressure and helping to encourage proper posture. In addition, they are ideal for strengthening core and back muscles.

Autonomous chairs are the real deal. Be sure to have a look at them some time.