GPS for Android: Best apps to navigate and how to make the most of your mobile’s GPS

The GPS is one component of our mobile without which many could not live. Gone are the days when we needed a specific device to view and get directions on the route to our destination, with maps that had to be updated from time to time for a small fee – can you imagine having to pay for the updates that come to us? your cellphone?-. Fortunately, times have changed, and GPS on Android is already an essential thing that all devices incorporate natively.

best apps to navigate and how to make the most of your mobiles GPS

However, some have not yet been forced to take full advantage of this global positioning system on their mobile, and they may not be very familiar with its use. Therefore, in this article guide, we will review the best GPS navigators for Android, in addition to offering the odd tips and tricks to get the most out of this technology.

Improve GPS accuracy on Android

Improve GPS accuracy on Android

At some point, you may have suffered the annoying problem of seeing how the GPS app you are using loses its signal, or the marked location has little to do with your real location. However, GPS technology can have a margin of error close to 20 meters – a figure that increases even more if you are inside a building or underground place – it is possible that the connection is suffering from some other problem.

The first step in such errors is to ensure that the “High Accuracy” location mode is active. To do this, simply follow the following steps:

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings or Settings app.
  • Access the Location section.
  • If not, activate the location.
  • From the Mode menu, choose High Accuracy.

In this way, as we explained a while ago, the system uses both GPS connectivity and other networks such as Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine the location, thus offering the most precise location possible on the point where the device is located.

If the device still has trouble determining its position, the sensors may not be properly calibrated. Google itself encourages you to follow a few simple steps to recalibrate the phone’s compass, which consist of opening the Google Maps app and moving the image several times until the blue beam that comes out of the point that marks your location points in the right direction, and their range has been noticeably narrowed.

Does it take the battery to leave the GPS activated?

Does it take battery to leave the GPS activated

No. That is the short answer. The long answer is that when the user activates the GPS connection, what they really do is allow applications – only those that have permission to access the location – to use GPS connectivity to determine the location of the device. Therefore, unless an app hangs in the background using GPS continuously for a long period of time, keeping the GPS on will not affect autonomy.

The 5 best GPS apps for Android

Google maps

Google maps

The maps and navigation application par excellence could not be other than Google Maps. Although in its beginnings, it was not an app capable of replacing a GPS navigator, over time, it has become the only tool that every traveler may need. In addition, it is totally free, which makes it probably, the best GPS navigator for Android in the middle of 2018

For those who worry about their data rate, it is worth remembering that the Google maps application can be used without an Internet connection thanks to the offline mode, and includes interesting options when traveling such as automatic night mode, very useful when you drive at night; real-time traffic information and much more.



Another of the best GPS navigators for Android, although with a totally different approach, is Waze. It is a tool that also belongs to Google – although some still do not know it -, it is perfect for all those who want to be informed about the state of traffic in real-time, based on opinions and comments from the rest of the members of the platform.

To date, Waze is the navigation app with the largest community of drivers globally, and you can see that as soon as you open the app and see the hundreds of notices and marks set by users. In addition, it has a somewhat more original design than that of Google Maps and incorporates exclusive functions that we will not find in other rival platforms. Of course, it is also a free browser.



Formerly known as HERE Maps, WeGo has become one of the biggest rivals for Google Maps and Waze, mainly due to its desire to integrate all possible services in the same application. Again, we are facing a free tool with support for offline maps, assisted voice navigation, or routes in public transport and bicycle.

Yes, really. The main attraction of HERE WeGo is the possibility of ordering taxis or shared cars through the most popular platforms without leaving the app itself. In addition, the application will show all the information that you should know before embarking on a trip, such as the traffic conditions or even the road will be flat or full of slopes.

Sygic GPS navigator and online maps

Sygic GPS navigator and online maps

One of the historical companies in GPS, such as Sygic, also has its own browser for Android. In the same way as the previous ones, Sygic shows information in real-time, and it is possible to download three-dimensional maps to navigate offline.

Although it can be downloaded for free, it will only be possible to use this tool for 7 days, and then you will have to pay for one of the licenses to continue using the extra options or continue with the free basic mode. If you pay, Sygic offers free map updates several times a year, guided GPS navigation with precise directions, and offline maps of all countries.


It may be the least known app in this collection, but CoPilot may be what many are looking for in a GPS navigator. Like the tool created by Sygic, it is a paid app that allows you to test all its functions for 7 days, including the exclusive smart navigation mode that learns the user’s favorite route to go to common places – home, work, University…-.

It also has notifications about the state of the traffic in real-time and warnings about speed limits or the existence of radars, among many other things. Each of the licenses for each country has a starting price of 21.99 euros on Google Play, although some are more expensive.