How to download books from Google Play in EPUB or PDF and convert them to an eBook

If you enjoy reading and have bought several books in electronic format, surely you will be interested in knowing how you can do to have them all together on a single device.

Previously we had told you about the best apps to read books on your Android mobile; now, we will tell you how to enjoy your books purchased on Google Play Books on any device, with or without an internet connection.

When you buy books on Google Play Books, they are stored in your Google account, and you can access them from your cell phone, tablet, or computer. Today we are going to show you how to go about converting these books to a format compatible with other eBook readers.

Why download your books purchased from Play Books?

Why download your books purchased from Play Books

App Play Books

The advantage of having the electronic books that we buy from Google downloaded to a device is that we can access them at any time without having to be connected to the Internet.

Storing all our e-books in a single device allows us to take them comfortably with us anywhere, regardless of whether they were purchased from the Google store, Amazon, or any other.

How to download books to a computer for offline reading

To download the books from Goole Play Books to a computer, you will have to use the Google Chrome browser and follow the steps that we will list below:

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  3. Click on the Google Apps menu, or you can enter chrome: // apps / in the address bar.
  4. Select the Play Books app.
  5. Hover over one of the books.
  6. Check the box next to “Allow offline access

That’s it; you will already have the digital book (s) you want available to read them offline from your computer screen.

If you use iPhone or iPad, you can also download your books purchased on Google Play to read without an internet connection.

How to download and read books on an Apple device

  1. Make sure your iPhone or iPad has an internet connection.
  2. In a mobile browser, like Safari, open
  3. Sign in to the same Google account that you use for Google Play Books.
  4. Click on the book you want to download.

That’s how easy it is to download your books to read offline on an iPhone or iPad.

How to download Google Playbooks in EPUB or PDF format

How to download Google Play books in EPUB or PDF format

You can download your books in EPUB or PDF format and pass them to an eBook reader

To convert your e-books to EPUB or PDF format, follow the steps that we will mention below:

  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and follow the instructions to install it.
  2. Access Google Play Books.
  3. Click My Books.
  4. For the book, you want to download, click More, select Download EPUB (recommended), or Download PDF. (or ePub to PDF )

How to transfer your books in EPUB or PDF format to an eBook reader

Once you have downloaded the book in the appropriate format, you can transfer it to any e-book reader such as Amazon’s Kindle or Xiaomi Mi Reader by doing the following:

  1. Connect your electronic reading device to your computer.
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Drag the book to where the name of the device you want to transfer it to is listed.

As you may have seen, having your books available on any device is very easy; it only takes a few minutes.