How To Record Phone Calls on Android

  • You can record the audio of the phone calls you make with your mobile, regardless of the brand or model.

The process to record phone calls has been complicated over the years due to the regulations of some countries. But in 2021, it is still possible to record calls with your mobile easily if you use the right tools.

If you use Android, you can use different applications to record the audio of calls, whatever the brand and model of mobile you use.

How to record phone calls on Android

Apps to record call on Android

One of the most effective and easy ways to record the audio of calls with your mobile is using applications. And is that not all manufacturers include in their phones the option to record calls natively, mainly due to the laws of some countries that prohibit doing so and the restrictions imposed by Google in this regard.

Among the best apps to record calls on Android, we can find several different ones.

ACR Call Recorder (Another Call Recorder)

It is probably the most famous application among all those in its category. With more than 10 million installations since its launch, ACR Call Recorder is one of the most used tools when recording calls due to its reliability and ease of use.

It uses an advanced recording method, through which it is possible to start recording from the moment the call starts and then save the audio file in the phone storage or a cloud drive like Google Drive.

In addition, it includes a search function to easily find recordings, a recycling bin from which you can recover deleted recordings, or even choose the audio format you want to use for the call.

It is worth noting that due to restrictions imposed by Google on the operating system, ACR Call Recorder may not work properly on some smartphones.

It is worth noting that ACR has a “vitaminized” version with the surname “UnChained,” which uses Android accessibility permissions to expand compatibility with a greater number of Android devices and versions. Thanks to it, it is possible to record calls on Android 10 and Android 11. However, it is necessary to download the APK of ACR Unchained, as this version is not available on Google Play.

Cube ACR

Another good application to record phone conversations for free on Android is Cube ACR. It gives the possibility to record phone calls and VoIP, and it is also compatible with the vast majority of Android versions.

Cube ACR not only allows you to record phone calls. It also supports calls from third-party apps, such as Signal, Skype, Telegram, Slack, Facebook, or WeChat. And yes, it is also possible to use it to record WhatsApp voice calls.

Using Cube ACR is very easy.

  1. Download and install Cube ACR on your mobile and accept the permissions it asks for. To record phone calls, follow these steps:
  2. Activate the option to record calls automatically from the side options menu.
  3. Make a call or wait for one to be made. The call will begin recording, and you will see a floating toolbar from which to control the recording.

Call recorder

We conclude with another famous tool to capture the sound of calls from the mobile, with more than 100 million installations since its launch. “Call Recorder,” a free app for Android that allows you to record any call and choose where it should be saved.

One of its most interesting functions is the integration with Google Drive, which allows you to store the audio files obtained in the cloud, to access them from anywhere.

How to record calls on Android without using apps

Everything seems to indicate that Google is working on including a method to record calls natively in Android. However, this feature is still on the horizon, and we don’t know when it will arrive.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to resort to applications to record calls, you can always use universal methods offered by some brands.

Unfortunately, there is no list of brands that offer the call recording feature, as this option varies from country to country. In mobiles sold in Europe with recent versions of Android, this function is not included in practically any mobiles.

Therefore, in case your mobile does not allow you to record calls natively, you only have the option of resorting to one of the aforementioned apps or to a somewhat less elegant but also effective solution, which consists of using two mobiles and follow these steps:

  1. In the mobile from which you will make the call, activate the “Speaker” mode at the beginning so that the sound is emitted through the phone’s speakers and not through the earpiece.
  2. Open the voice recorder app on the second mobile, place it near the mobile speaker from where the call is made, and start recording.
  3. When you have finished the call, stop the recording of the second mobile.

In which countries is it illegal to record calls?

If fewer and fewer mobiles include the ability to record calls natively, it is undoubtedly because more and more countries impose restrictions in this regard, making it illegal to record calls.

In Spain, recording calls is legal according to the ruling of November 29, 1984 (STC11 / 1984) of the Constitutional Court, as long as the person who is recording participates in the said call.

In addition, although it is always advisable to avoid the dissemination of a recording of a call in which you have participated, doing so is not considered a crime, as long as there is no private content that could affect the privacy of the other participant.

In the case of the rest of the regions, below we leave the list of countries where it is illegal to record telephone conversations without the other participant knowing:

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • India
  • United States (only in some states)