How to watch Telecinco live from your mobile: 3 ways to do it

According to data from Cadena SER, with an audience share that exceeded 14% during the third month of the year, Telecinco is still the most-watched television channel by Spaniards, and its programming is the favorite among viewers. But in the middle of the digital age, fewer and fewer people sit down to watch television like in the old days and turn to their mobile to watch their favorite shows, series, and movies.

And yes, it is also possible to watch television – and specifically Telecinco – live and from your mobile. There are several ways to do this that we will examine one by one in this guide.

So you can see Telecinco from your mobile live

With the official Michele app

Like most other television channels, Mediaset, the group to which Telecinco belongs, offers its official app, with which you can follow the programming of the group’s different channels live or play chapters of programs and series to the letter.

The content of the Michele app is in high resolution, and among other things, it allows us to continue playing where we left off even if we have started on another device if we log in. In addition to Telecinco, it will be possible to see the programming of Cuatro, FDF, Energy, Divinity, and Be Mad.

With applications to watch TV on Android

With applications to watch TV on Android

On Android, we can use great applications to watch TV for free from your mobile anywhere. Apps like Mobdro, which we thoroughly analyzed at the time, include dozens of channels, including Telecinco and the rest of the Mediaset group.

Among the details that this application includes and that we cannot find in other alternatives, the possibility of recording the programs, marking programs as favorites to be notified every time there is a new episode, and much more stands out. All this, totally free, although you will have to live with the occasional ad.

From the official website

If you want to watch Telecinco online from your mobile promptly –because they broadcast your favorite movie or simply so as not to miss a live program–, but do not want to install the application, it is also possible to access the programming from the website, where the possibility is offered to reproduce the content on-demand or to follow the channels of the Mediaset group live.

It is not even necessary to register to watch Telecinco live from the official Mitele website, and we will still have access to the complete programming – except for specific exceptions. In addition, this way, we save having to install an app that we may not need to use again.