How to Fix Verizon Router Red Globe?


Verizon Router Red Globe

Due to its reliable and robust connectivity, Verizon has gained a reputable position in the networking industry. Among the several services offered by Verizon, its internet connection is one of the most highly rated in the United States.

To provide a seamless experience for its customers, Verizon comes up with new equipment and gadgets for its network services. The Verizon router is one of them that comes with its internet subscription packages. They offer one of the most robust routers for trouble-free network connectivity.

Occasionally, you might encounter issues with the device, like any other network equipment. Thus, if you come across the Verizon Router Red Globe problem, you can follow the tips and tricks discussed in the article to make it right. So come on, let’s check them out!

What is the Verizon Router Red Globe?

Before getting into the details of fixing the issue with the router, let’s understand what it means to have a red globe on your Verizon router.

A red globe on your Verizon router indicates that your router cannot connect to the internet. You might come across varying types of red lights on the router. They imply different connectivity issues. There are three situations where you see variations in the red light.

1. Fast Blinking Red Globe

If you see that the red globe is flashing or blinking at a fast pace, it means the router is getting heated up. You can switch off the device to bring the temperature down and let it cool automatically.

2. Slowly blinking red globe

The red globe slowly blinking or flashing intermittently indicates that the connection has trouble with the gateway. You might have to find a way to resolve the gateway issue to continue using the router.

3. Solid No blinking Red Globe

A no-blinking solid red globe on the Verizon router means that you have no internet connection. The reasons for no internet include device malfunction, trouble with wires, and maintenance activities by the company.

If you see a red globe on your router, whether it is flashing or solid, it simply means you have trouble with your internet connection. So, let’s dive into what you are here for and find the best quick fix for the red globe issue.

How to Repair a Red Globe on Verizon Router?

Here are some of the fixes you can try to resolve the Verizon Router Red Globe issue.

Restart the Router

It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your router work again and provide you with the best network connectivity. Simply turning off and switching the router on again after a few minutes can resolve minor issues with the device.

Resolve Cable Issues

If there is a problem with the device’s cable, the router will not connect to the internet or cause glitchy internet. You can check all the connecting wires, including the Ethernet and coaxial cables. If you see any damage to the wires, you might have to replace them.

Change the Router Position

You should position your router with adequate space to dissipate heat. If you see rapid blinking of the red globe, try moving the router to some other place away from heat-producing gadgets. It will aid in lowering the temperature of the device. It will also help in resolving any signal issues as well.

Renew DHCP

If you have recently switched to a new router and made connections to the new one using the old wires, you are missing a crucial factor. Switching to new routers also involves deactivating DHCP on the old device and renewing it on the new device. You can find it in the router’s interface, where you can change the DHCP status.

Reset Your Router

Resetting your router will automatically fix any internal issues that caused it to malfunction. You can restore all settings to their original state and begin configuring them again. So, like fixing the Verizon router’s yellow light indication, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the router and fix the red globe issue.

Step 1: Look for the reset button on the router. It is usually at the back of it.

Step 2: Use a thin object like a pinpoint or a paper clip to press the button. Hold it for around 10 seconds.

Step 3: After the router restarts, you can set it back to its previous settings.

Check the Network Drivers

Checking network drivers is another solution you can try to resolve the issue. Reinstalling them can enhance the overall performance of the router. However, you should also remember to keep the router up-to-date to experience hassle-free and high-speed connectivity.

Try Resetting ONT

An ONT is the optical network terminal that connects your router to the Verizon network. Resetting it can help with gateway issues that your router might be facing. You can follow the steps below to reset the ONT.

Step 1: Turn off the ONT’s power supply.

Step 2: Disconnect the backup battery.

Step 3: Allow 30-40 seconds.

Step 4: Reconnect the battery.

Step 5: Reconnect the ONT to AC power.

You can check for the red globe again after the last step.

Contact Verizon Customer Care

If none of the above solutions work, you can try contacting Verizon customer care. The representative will provide troubleshooting tips to bring the white light back on the router. If it is something on their end, they will reset the network and might offer you discounts on your next recharge.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, a slight glitch in connectivity halts our entire schedules. Thus, Verizon makes high-grade routers to give the highest quality internet and enhance the customer experience. But at times, due to technical malfunctioning, you can encounter issues like Verizon Router Red Globe.

In such instances, you can try some of the fixes discussed above in this article. Sometimes, a simple on and off works out and gets your internet back on track. Other times, you have to contact customer support to get the relevant solution.