Ikea Gigantisk Trash Can Review


Ikea Gigantisk Trash Can Review-Ikea trash can on table

Purchasing a trash can used to be the simplest task ever. You only had to identify a nearby store, walk in, buy and walk out. But all that has changed. Now there are so many things you need to look at. With things like multiple bin collections, color-coded sorting, you need to weigh requirements vs. style vs. pricing and so on.

Even in the pursuit of topnotch functionality, aesthetics still remains a popular consideration. Many people don’t appreciate the ugly sites created by an overflowing bin liner because the trash can is too small or muck infested hinges. Neither is it desirable to deal with touch bins that need a bit of whacking before they can open, or swing bins with lids that get sticky all the time.
How to Select the Most Suitable Trash Can for Your Home

Size Considerations

Size is highly critical when it comes to selecting a good trash can. For a family consisting of four or more people, be sure to select the bin with the largest capacity that your kitchen can accommodate. 30-40 liters or more should be the ideal size. But if you have a smaller family or a smaller kitchen, a bin capacity of 20-30 liters should do the job. The trick is to find the middle ground between not having to empty the bin too often, and not keeping trash for so long that it begins to stink.

Footprint is another thing you should give more attention to. Some trash cans consume a significant amount of space. If you have enough floor space, you can go right ahead and buy them. But if space is an issue for you, taller, slimmer trash cans that can fit into tighter spaces are your best bet.


If you plan on recycling, you can be sure that a single trash can won’t be enough. Multi compartment or dual bins are preferable if you stay in a region where it’s necessary to separate cans, paper, compostables, and non-recyclables from glass, plastic, etc. Moreover if a single multi-compartment bin still doesn’t satisfy your storage space needs —which is often the case for bigger families—then various slimline bins placed side by side might do the trick.

Features of a Hygienic Bin

It’s advisable to go for a bin with a non-permanent plastic inner compartment that you can easily remove, so the bin liner doesn’t split during the pullout.

A trash can with a charcoal filter is often a clever choice because it prevents the production of nasty odors.

One more thing to check is whether it would be easy to clean the bin. While plastic and stainless steel are usually easy to clean, make sure to pay attention to hidden spots, for instance complicated hinges and joints which encourage accumulation of gunk.

Does The Ikea Gigantisk Trash Can Measure Up To These Requirements?


Unlike most trash cans that consist of only two pieces (a lid and a can), the Ikea Gigantisk trash can requires some assembly, just like a majority of other Ikea products. This form of packaging aims to ensure efficient use of space and material. Which makes some sense because it’s much simpler to carry home several pieces than the entire assembled can.

This might seem like a lot of work, but it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm because Ikea includes an instructions booklet with the trash can. Instructions are clearly illustrated with a lot of pictures, so they are much easier to follow.

Final step of assembly is to put in the trash bag with the aid of the included ring and you’re good to go. The result is a simple build that’s simple to use.


The trash can’s design incorporates a touch lid that’s clean in form as well as function. It’s made from durable plastic, though if you’re not a fan of plastic then this can be a deal breaker.

Opening the trash can is as simple as pressing lightly on its lid.


Ikea Gigantisk Trash Can Review - large Ikea trash can

The trash can has a capacity of 60 liters/ 16 gallons and measures 15 ¾” (W) by 24” (H). This means it’s large enough to satisfactorily serve a larger family. Furthermore, you won’t have to take out trash all the time.

The trash can’s square construction also means you can easily position it beside a kitchen countertop, in a corner, or several of them in a row.

When the bag fills up, lift the lid and take out the bag that holds the bag in place to remove it.

This trash can is a practical solution if you require additional room for bulky waste, such as bottles or cartons.


Ikea Gigantisk Trash Can Review-cleaning Ikea trash can

You can clean the trash can while it’s intact or you can take it apart for a more intensive cleaning. One drawback with this bin is that it has a lot of joints, meaning there’s increased chance for the accumulation of gunk.

Wipe it using a clean cloth dampened in mild cleaner or mild dish detergent. Make sure to pay attention to the hidden areas. You don’t have to clean it every now and then. Do so when it’s really necessary (you’ll know).

Final Words

Things like trash cans may sometimes seem like they are not incredibly important, but the fact remains that we can never underestimate the level of convenience and organization they give us. Without trash cans, we would have trash lying all over the house, resulting in an unbearable sight.

Modern trash cans are exceptionally important because they ensure we are not left behind when it comes to recycling. The world is now conscious about environmental protection and the best place to start is right in your kitchen. Be sure to separate recyclables from non-recyclables, and contribute positively to preserving the environment.

The Ikea Gigantisk trash can seems to tick majority of the boxes when it comes to selecting a useful and functional trash can. While it’s not perfect, it’s an excellent product that you can start with and build from there. Be sure to always use the trash can with a trash bag, otherwise you’ll create a huge mess.